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The software hacks and cheats to gain an unfair advantage in an engaging and promising online game.

The issue of hacking and cheating software in shooting games has affected many developers, and it even led to the demise of a promising game like The Cycle: Frontier, which went beyond their control.

The Cycle: Frontier was an online first-person shooter (FPS) game with extraction gameplay similar to Escape from Tarkov. Players had to gather scattered items and complete specific missions before converging to escape the war zone. The game was developed and operated by Yager since mid-2022.

the cycle frontier hack cheat dong cua thumb1 - Emergenceingame

Like any other reputable shooting game, the problem of hacking and cheating quickly emerged upon its release, causing significant headaches for the developers. They employed various strict measures and anti-cheat methods, but it took them a long time to mitigate this issue. However, Yager eventually realized that it was too late to save their beloved creation.

“While we had numerous tools and policies in place to combat cheats, we quickly realized that we needed to bolster our anti-cheat efforts to ensure a fair gaming experience for players,” Yager stated in their announcement. “By the time we were able to bring on new partners to support our anti-cheat efforts and focus on developing content and gameplay for The Cycle: Frontier, too many players had been affected, resulting in a significant decline in the player base.”

Yager assessed that their game no longer had a chance of recovery, leading them to make the decision to shut down The Cycle: Frontier. The game will cease updates after Season 3 and officially close its servers on September 27th. The closure process will include stages such as locking registrations, suspending payment transactions, and providing refunds for recent transactions, gradually implemented until the official shutdown date.

This is undoubtedly a sad ending for a promising game. Hacking and cheating in online games are selfish acts of deceit, where some individuals seek temporary thrills at the expense of ruining an entire game. Not only did they deprive themselves and other players of a quality gaming experience, but also caused job losses and reduced income for many individuals working at the game’s production studio.

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Cheating in the investigation, the player suspected of sexual abuse was suspended by Riot for another 6 months

In March of this year, player Valorant professional Jay “Sinatraa” Won has been accused of sexual abuse by his ex-girlfriend Cleo ‘cle0h’ Hernandez with many recordings, photos and text messages as evidence. Sinatraa was immediately suspended for investigation, however recently Riot Games again banned this player from competing for another 6 months because of his uncooperative attitude.​


Riot Games said that Sinatraa had at least twice misrepresented some events, gave false data, and did not cooperate with the work of the investigation team. In addition, in the past, Sinatraa had promised on social networks that it would provide all the audio and video files that cle0h had posted to serve the investigation, but the truth is that these evidences have never appeared. . While facing serious accusations such as sexual abuse, Sinatraa’s behavior is even more unappreciated by Valorant Esports accept.

Sinatraa only started playing Valorant in 2020 but before that he was already well known in the community. Overwatch. He used to be the MVP in the Overwatch League 2019, but since the allegations, the Overwatch League has had to refund players who purchased Sinatraa’s MVP skins in the game.

Sinatraa’s ex-girlfriend.

After Riot Games’ decision, Sinatraa justified on social media that he did not own the videos that cle0h had posted in the denunciation because after the breakup, he deleted all the videos requested by cle0h. Sinatraa said she respected her ex-girlfriend and never expected this to happen.​

Source link: Cheating in the investigation, the player suspected of sexual abuse was suspended by Riot for another 6 months

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Accused of cheating, former pro gamer livestream with 5 cameras to prove his innocence

Yesterday Charlie “MuTeX” Saoumaone streamer famous on Twitch With more than 600,000 followers, there was a very special livestream with the presence of 5 different cameras. It is known that the reason he did this was to prove that he was not hack/cheat in Call of Duty.

Saouma was originally a professional Call of Duty player, after retiring, he switched to being a streamer. On July 7th, he was Youtuber Badboy Beamen alleges cheating during livestream. Badboy Beamen accused Saouma of using Cronus, a piece of software that can modify console input.​


Immediately Saouma spoke up on Twitter, he admitted to having 3rd party software on his PC but that was what was left after he played. Call of Duty: World War II professionally. According to Saouma, a lot of players have used Cronus in the tournament because they help the controller connect to the PC better. In addition, the Cronus software also has a “tournament mode”, which disables features that give an unfair advantage.

However, yesterday, Badboy continued to post a forum to accuse Saouma of lying. Badboy posted a few scenes and screenshots obtained from a recent Saouma livestream, in which the male streamer is deleting the software. However, it can be seen that Saouma has installed Cronus on his PC this year, which is in stark contrast to the male streamer’s statement “this is what is left of the pro game”.​


For a popular streamer like Saouma, the hacking/cheat accusation will have very serious consequences for his reputation as well as his future. Therefore, this streamer immediately organized a special livestreamer with 5 camera angles, showing his entire PC, console handle, face, screen and overall livestream angle. He also spent the first 20 minutes explaining his settings and refuting the claim that he installed Cronus this year. Although many people believe and support Saouma, others are still skeptical of the male streamer.

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How is competitive cheating wreaking havoc on the Hearthstone community in China?

Radoslav “Nydra” Kolev details how organized fraud is destroying the Chinese gaming community and denounces the names behind it all.
E-sports is a big industry in China. Millions of people are members of this competitive community. Billions of dollars are poured into each year, typically MOBA games like League of Legends and Dota 2 have become extremely familiar playgrounds for players with a lot of money. And even in some ways, the Korean E-Sports Association can’t match it.

Unlike traditional games, Blizzard’s Hearthstone card game – officially launched in March 2014, has not yet reached the level of success of the “seniors”, but this name quickly caused a sensation. great attention. Although China is one of the weakest communities in Hearthstone, companies like NetEase, which represents Blizzard in China, are still working hard to find and nurture outstanding talent. While in the West there are many small open tournaments, sometimes big LAN tournaments, in China big offline tournaments with extremely attractive 5-digit prizes are common. That is what the “foreigners” are clearly jealous of.

Rumors are only really noticed when it comes to major tournaments. In 2014, WEC (World Esports Championship) and WCA (World Cyber ​​Arena) offered huge rewards for a non-Blizzard tournament. In 2015, the CEO of NetEase gave a Ferrari – yes, that exorbitantly expensive sports car that makes you a young millionaire – to anyone who beat the European team in a team match. China vs Team Europe Season 2. No matter what you think, once it’s esport, it’s definitely big in China.

Beneath that glamor, however, the Chinese Hearthstone community is rife with problems. In a 2015 interview, Xieyu “TiddlerCelestial” Wang, world runner-up and a popular figure in the Hearthstone community, answered GosuGamers about the difficulties professional athletes often face. Even veterans like Invictus Gaming, World Elite or TongFu don’t appreciate Hearthstone and while they try to stay afloat, much of the focus is on the winners with huge prizes. of MOBA.

Such a large disparity between tournaments creates an obstacle large enough to quickly end the careers of many athletes. This led to a lack of motivation and especially a lack of professionalism to keep going, as Tiddler pointed out in a later interview: “China won’t be able to win a duel tournament anymore. ‘, he frankly admitted.

These major issues alone are not enough to make the situation irreversible, but even the things that the community doesn’t know about are more than that. With the Hearthstone Championship Tour’s change to focus on hierarchy, a large group of players in China have come together to manipulate their ranks with win-trade and pay-to-legend services. If it feels a bit familiar, it’s probably because this has a precedent in the west. In 2014, two players from the US Specialist and zRusher admitted to doing win trades to climb the ladder. Although this did not have a huge impact, it was enough for Ole “Naiman” Batyrbekov and Dan “Alchemixt” Walton to learn and follow in the following year. They are 2 out of 4 players banned from the 2015 World Championship for win trading. This incident has raised many questions about how Blizzard can control fairness and transparency in the competition – which most players hide – if unfortunately the incident happens on a large scale, is caused by unknown characters?

A prime example is the win trade culture in China. According to the information gathered, including chat logs, provided by GosuGamers, a group of at least 14 professional players and streamers are providing illegal services to anyone willing to pay. In fact, there are many other people involved, they often communicate via QQ Chat and conduct monthly exchanges. Of course the reward is very valuable. High ranks are equivalent to Hearthstone Championship Tour (HCT) scores, which are used to determine who will advance to the Seasonal Championships – the tournament that selects the seeds for the Blizzcon World Finals.
The team uses the phrase RenMai, which means “Human Networks” in Chinese, similar to “Yan” or “act” in English, instead of directly talking about the service. They also didn’t stop at ranking, but even cheated in the Gold Series Open, one of Blizzard’s biggest and most famous tournaments in China.

Faced with these difficulties, Blizzard in China has tried to come up with measures. In Europe and America, being in the top 100 equates to between 5 and 15 HCT scores. Winning the top spot at the end of each month would be like winning a major tournament with hundreds of participants, something only the most professional players in the world can achieve on a regular basis. However, to limit the win trade culture in China, the number of bonus points was reduced to only 1 to 3 points per month, equivalent to being in the top 4 of 1 in hundreds of tournaments going on during that time. in the West.

A name associated with this win trade service is BaoQian (抱歉#5501). BaoQian was banned in February from all Blizzard tournaments until December 31, 2016 for winning trades during the January tournament. BaoQian is also accused of changing his ID so he can attend the Gold Series Guangzhou event on March 12-13. That has caused many problems for the league. BaoQian is just a self-made nickname. He is not a professional player on any team. His account also doesn’t use his real identity. He will probably never be able to compete in any of the Blizzard tournaments but he will most likely create a new account and start over, continuing his win trading career.

However, according to the article, BaoQian is just one of many links in a system that includes many members of different teams, including PanicToDeath, the team founded by Donten, and TongFu:
• FengFengFeng (风风风), TongFu team: #11 in January, #27 in February
• BaiZe (白泽), competes in China Season Championship, #31 in January, #29 in February
• HeMa (低调的河马), popular Hearthstone streamer, #11 in February
• ZhuGeiLiang (运气选手丨诸葛亮), top 8 Gold Series Guangzhou
• LingShen (慌得要死丨零神), PanicToDeath team, #8 in February
• WangZi (慌得要死丨王子), PanicToDeath team, #40 in February
• XiaoPangZi (慌得要死丨小胖子), PanicToDeath team, #56 in February
• QiGai (慌得要死丨乞丐), PanicToDeath team, #69 in February
• SiQi (慌得要死丨肆柒), PanicToDeath team, #85 in February
• DaMeiRen (大美人), #50 in January, violates regulations on account sharing
• BadKid, #35 in January, #1 in February
• FuNianWeiLaiFuJun (福年未来夫君), #34 in January
• YeZhuoYan (叶拙言), #39 in January, #17 in February, attended the Gold Series but asked someone else to play for him under his name

Below is a screenshot of evidence of team members doing win-trading for the sake of climbing ranks and trading.

1. Proof of win trade before the end of the February 2016 season (VC, badkid and analog)

gian lan trong thi dau dang pha hoai cong dong hearthstone tai trung quoc nhu the nao 1 - Emergenceingame

Two gamers @badkid and @analog agree to win trade with each other. The two ranked #1 and #3 Legend respectively at the end of the season.

gian lan trong thi dau dang pha hoai cong dong hearthstone tai trung quoc nhu the nao 2 - Emergenceingame

Image from Team VC’s chat group

A gamer was asked to concede and he obeyed.

gian lan trong thi dau dang pha hoai cong dong hearthstone tai trung quoc nhu the nao 3 - Emergenceingame

Gamers also seem to take precautions when they actively play as usual to avoid detection.

gian lan trong thi dau dang pha hoai cong dong hearthstone tai trung quoc nhu the nao 4 - Emergenceingame

gian lan trong thi dau dang pha hoai cong dong hearthstone tai trung quoc nhu the nao 5 - Emergenceingame

gian lan trong thi dau dang pha hoai cong dong hearthstone tai trung quoc nhu the nao 6 - Emergenceingame

Gamers reminded each other that Blizzard might be watching them.

Gamers are required to play the type of burning rope to buy time, not giving opponents not on their team the opportunity to climb to a high rank. Also in the settled match they still play as usual and then don’t make friends.

2. Match-fixing / buying tickets to the Gold Series Opengian lan trong thi dau dang pha hoai cong dong hearthstone tai trung quoc nhu the nao 7 - Emergenceingame

gian lan trong thi dau dang pha hoai cong dong hearthstone tai trung quoc nhu the nao 8 - Emergenceingame

Gamers arranged to win tickets to the Gold Series Open, and they claim it is possible because someone has done it.

gian lan trong thi dau dang pha hoai cong dong hearthstone tai trung quoc nhu the nao 9 - Emergenceingame

gian lan trong thi dau dang pha hoai cong dong hearthstone tai trung quoc nhu the nao 10 - Emergenceingame

gian lan trong thi dau dang pha hoai cong dong hearthstone tai trung quoc nhu the nao 11 - Emergenceingame

gian lan trong thi dau dang pha hoai cong dong hearthstone tai trung quoc nhu the nao 12 - Emergenceingame

Gamers get to know the typical players they encounter, and offer to pay them to actively lose. Especially if the player is a student, it is easier to suggest a win trade.

Winning the qualifying round does not guarantee a place in the official tournament, so receiving money and doing a win trade seems to be a reasonable choice for casual players.

3. (Lingyishu) win trade to get #1 Legend on stream

gian lan trong thi dau dang pha hoai cong dong hearthstone tai trung quoc nhu the nao 13 - Emergenceingame

gian lan trong thi dau dang pha hoai cong dong hearthstone tai trung quoc nhu the nao 14 - Emergenceingame

gian lan trong thi dau dang pha hoai cong dong hearthstone tai trung quoc nhu the nao 15 - Emergenceingame

Viewers noticed this gamer’s opponent concede 3-4 times and warned that such an obvious win trade on such a stream could be released to the island by Blizzard.

gian lan trong thi dau dang pha hoai cong dong hearthstone tai trung quoc nhu the nao 16 - Emergenceingame

Image from the video provided by DouyuTV, Lingyishu explicitly acknowledges the win trade on the stream.

gian lan trong thi dau dang pha hoai cong dong hearthstone tai trung quoc nhu the nao 17 - Emergenceingame

Viewers commented that Lingyishu’s opponent concede himself 4 times in a row.

4. Proof that FengFengFeng from TongFu participates in the win trade

gian lan trong thi dau dang pha hoai cong dong hearthstone tai trung quoc nhu the nao 18 - Emergenceingame

Managing teams also allows members to make win trades.

gian lan trong thi dau dang pha hoai cong dong hearthstone tai trung quoc nhu the nao 19 - Emergenceingame

@badkid find player #3243 to claim win trade.

gian lan trong thi dau dang pha hoai cong dong hearthstone tai trung quoc nhu the nao 20 - Emergenceingame

gian lan trong thi dau dang pha hoai cong dong hearthstone tai trung quoc nhu the nao 21 - Emergenceingame

The unlucky player who was the opponent received countless requests to lose the match from other accounts and eventually approved.

gian lan trong thi dau dang pha hoai cong dong hearthstone tai trung quoc nhu the nao 22 - Emergenceingame

How it works, now comes the pricing. The price for RenMai is quite “cheap”, especially when the target is only students, namely winning a match in the Gold Series, only about 1,000 CNY or $155. To make it easier to judge, the total prize pool of Gold Series Open like Guangzhou is 107,000 CNY or $17,000, half of which belongs to the winner.

According to another source and a member of the RenMai team, getting an account to legend is even cheaper. Last year, this service cost about 400 CNY or $60. Because the supply is so abundant and the market is expanding, the price is now only half. An experienced individual can perform the service about 20 times per month, with the average player about 10 times.

Details of the fraud market in China have also been posted. The writer admits, a lot of professional players in China are involved, and RenMai is happening “anytime, anywhere”. Out of 30,000 Legends on the Chinese server, only about 10,000 are real. The remaining 2/3 is to use money.

“Everybody in Legend knows each other and knows who cheats and who doesn’t.”

While it’s possible that the matter has grown to where it is now is because Blizzard and NetEase were inadvertently negligent, it’s clearly not the root cause. The RenMai team are well aware that they are being monitored, and have taken measures to avoid detection and handling for as long as possible. According to a source, Blizzard discovered this problem quite early and has offered solutions. In 2014, a win trade investigation team, close to Blizzard and NetEase, faced many obstacles, in terms of money and personnel. In addition, many of the names under investigation are related to large esport organizations, so the investigation is very difficult.
The drop in bonus points for climbing ranks is just a workaround that probably causes more problems than it solves. When offline tournaments keep the same number of bonus points, it will lead to an imbalance between regions. With so much information to process for a full investigation, Hearthstone’s developers needed to come up with a different strategy. Pouring more money into organizing offline tournaments for effective monitoring, rather than continuing endless investigations, is part of a plan to completely eliminate cheating.

Source link: How is competitive cheating wreaking havoc on the Hearthstone community in China?


Types of cheating in Dota 2

Any Dota 2 player has faced a hack at least once. Recently, this number has continued to increase rapidly. Hackers not only appear in pubs but also semi-professional tournaments. We can’t tolerate this problem, and that’s why Gosu.AI has started developing an anti-cheat system.

You can read more to know if I have ever played with hackers.

At the time of this article’s launch, Gosu.AI has analyzed around 200,000 matches, played by 1 million players. Here are the parameters found and how this system works. In addition, the article also shares how anti-cheat works and parameters.

Hack in Dota 2, is it real?

They appear a lot in the game, check out this clip (English subtitles).

In the early stages, Gosu.AI applied algorithms to detect hacks by tracking mouse movements and clicks during replays.

Camera Hack

When opening this hack, players can see at a distance that is not in the screen they see, they don’t need to click much, nor move the mouse there (like Zoomout when you review replays). match). Wide Monitor is not cheating, because its field of view is only extended horizontally. This is the most common hack, statistically found at 12.24% of all matches. About 1.1% of all players use this hack and 76% of them have very wide vision.

6ucbhf4tqd 1 - Emergenceingame

This player clicks outside the camera view, you will see extra clicks appear naturally. Match ID: 3754671634

According to research Zoomout accounts for 12.24% of all matches. The number of players using hacks accounted for 1.02%, and 76% of them used zoomout in every match.

Automatically block (block) creeps

Block Creep is an important skill to help mid-farmers effectively in the early game. But what if there is software that automatically clicks for you to block creeps without you even noticing? Of course, this software is not fair at all.

The good news is that currently only 0.1% of players (ie 1 in 1000) use this hack in pub matches, but you can encounter hackers in 0.5% of total matches (ie 1 in 200).

uqrypuooy9 - Emergenceingame

Look at the click speed in separate locations. Match ID: 3754671634

Automatically throw (drop) items out

Toss and pick up items quickly in certain situations will give your hero an advantage. For example, tossing and picking Arcane Boots back after using Soul Ring will give you 75 more mana for free. Normally, you have to spend time hovering the mouse over the inventory bar to pull it out, then have to pick up the item again.

At least 0.035% (350 per million) players use this software. That is 0.328% of the total number of matches.

- Emergenceingame

Players automatically drop items and gain more mana. Match ID: 3730565232

How does the anti-cheat system work

To detect the hack, Gosu.AI extracted mouse movement data and all actions the player does from the replays. To analyze player behavior, the system needs to integrate many parameters such as the distance between the mouse position on the screen and the action position that the data is actually recorded. Then, using a machine-improved method called ‘anomaly detection’: the algorithm learns from ‘hacked’ matches (hand-tested by Dota 2 experts) and can then detect exhibit “suspicious” behavior.

To categorize hacks and predict the accuracy of the detection system, Gosu.AI asked experts who looked at random “suspected hacks” matches and made a decision – whether it was a hack. ? According to statistical analysis, this technique is called acceptance sampling. According to current research, the system has a false detection rate of 3% (that is, the player did not hack but is considered a hack).

It is very difficult to have an ideal algorithm because there are many special cases in the game. And this system is still in the process of improving, so if that’s not the case, please contribute to the Gosu.AI team so they can fix it.

Source link: Types of cheating in Dota 2


Valve takes action to prevent cheating in Dota2

Valve has launched the first official ban, mainly targeting players who cheated in the game with a long 10 year ban period. Surely these bans will continue in the future.

The Dota community has recently been exposed to more cheating issues over the years. With a hack rate of 12% of the total matches. This is the data found by the third project called Gosu.AI.

The algorithm used by the project detects cheating by analyzing hundreds of thousands of games. Currently, only simple hacks have been discovered. Among them, the most popular are: zoom-out camera hack, auto creep block and auto item drop. Detecting more powerful hacks like auto-cast is currently under development.

Quite surprisingly, the highest rank is the place with the most hackers. The above analysis is based on 336,000 Dota 2 matches, before Valve applied the ban on April 4, 2018. The hacking community has posted screenshots of this ban, and it lasts until 2028. However, the number of banned accounts is hard to praise because they are not VAC bans (VAC bans will lock your inventory) , which only limits the ability to participate in Dota 2 matchmaking.

Valve ra tay ngăn chặn hành vi gian lận 1 - Emergenceingame

Source link: Valve takes action to prevent cheating in Dota2


Cheating in CS:GO tournament, Forsaken player was banned by ESIC for 5 years

- Emergenceingame

Forsaken was “banned” for 5 years

The Esports Integrity Commission (ESIC) has announced a 5-year ban from Forsaken, a CS:GO player found cheating at the Extremesland Asia CS:GO Finals. The ESIC had previously relaxed the two-year ban against Forsaken after Forsaken convinced the committee that the banned account ‘wasn’t his.’

Many in the CS:GO community have called for Nikhil “Forsaken” Kumawat to be permanently banned after this violation, but ESIC seems to disagree, arguing that the previous first violation was “only indirectly related to the violation.” this and disproportionate.” Forsaken’s fraud at Extremesland reached ESIC level four, with a maximum penalty of a lifetime ban.

“We know a lot of people in the CS:GO community would disagree with this and we understand how you feel, but disagree and feel that punishment in esports should reflect what is acceptable. in a traditional, industry-specific way,” explains ESIC.

- Emergenceingame

Feedback from Forsaken

Forsaken has 48 hours to appeal the decision, but it seems unlikely that this will happen as the player has previously apologized to AFK Gaming. He said he “wish I could go back and erase the day I started playing Counter-Strike,” and “I’m so sorry for what I did.”

“It is very sad news to have this happen in esports again, but this case is quite sad as we have previously conceded and considered Kumawat,” said ESIC Board Member Ian Smith. “Not to mention, he has caused great harm to the Indian CS:GO and esports communities, degrading the value of competition. There’s no place in esports for cheaters like Kumawat, personally I hope we don’t see him return to CS:GO or any other game.”

A 5-year ban from playing a career in Counter-Strike can also be seen as a lifetime ban for an esport player, and Forsaken is unlikely to return to the game after that period.

Source link: Cheating in CS:GO tournament, Forsaken player was banned by ESIC for 5 years


‘Chinese CSGO is disgusting’, Flash Gaming CEO laments the problem of match-fixing and cheating of CSGO China

csgo - Emergenceingame

According to the latest information, Chinese esports organization Flash Gaming announced they will be disbanding the roster CSGO. This move causes three members of the team to become free agents, while the other two are on loan for TyLoo.

At first, it seemed like this decision came from Flash Gaming losing two key members. On January 1, the team loaned Cai “Summer” Yu Lun and Sheng “Attacker” Yuan Zhang to TyLoo, leaving two vacancies in the lineup. However, a recent announcement from the founder of Flash Gaming has revealed more things, and drawn attention to the “roots” in the game. CSGO China.


“After joining CSGO China, I’m starting to realize its reality is different from the esports dream I had,” wrote Endy on Weibo (English translation of /u/InXaneGZ). Without naming anyone, Endy talks about match-fixing and fraud in China, the value of money more than anything, and the sad state of LAN China.


“Game publishers turn a blind eye to the unsavory things going on here. During the 2 years of my journey, I learned the hidden rules of the industry, shocking and unheard of. As far as I know, there are people who pay players from other teams to fix matches, use hacks in competition, intentionally reveal positions in LAN competition, threaten the safety of the teams. at LAN, and most rarely, cut the Internet cable”.

“I’ve heard of some teams that pay tens of thousands (perhaps RMB) for GOTV IP, which allows them to watch 10 players on the server without any delay in online matches, and ensures that the team can win or lose at the discretion of these people.”

CSGO China is disgusting.”

Although Endy’s words have no clear evidence, this is not the first time Chinese esports has been slandered. In 2016, GosuGamer exposed Hearthstone China’s paid legend and winning exchange, an issue that Blizzard’s Chinese publisher NetEase acknowledges exists and is trying to combat. painting. In 2017, Hong Kong team inchk1ng was banned by E-Frag for match-fixing. In the same year, TOT and EMP clashed with the WCA, as the two were banned for an entire year for match-fixing and competing for players. Then, in March 2018, two Chinese Dota 2 teams were caught intentionally losing at the same time.

With Valve now officially launching Steam China, the company must try to better manage the Chinese esports market.

Source: vpesports

Source link: ‘Chinese CSGO is disgusting’, Flash Gaming CEO laments the problem of match-fixing and cheating of CSGO China


Cheating in League of Legends is much harder now

Anti Cheat Kernel Banner - Emergenceingame

Hackers or toolers in the League will now suffer a lot more thanks to the new anti-cheat system coming to the game soon. According to the developer riot, the anti-cheat kernel is designed to “protect you from aimbots, protect us from Reddit, and protect hackers from themselves”.

Riot reported in a development blog from anti-cheat engineer Phil Koskinas. Riot’s current anti-cheat system is more limited to players than hackers. This means that anti-cheat systems cannot detect hackers, even if they are there. By allowing the anti-cheat system to gain more access – inside your device – it can detect more hackers.

Koskinas explains: “The current massive amount of hacks that run at a higher level than our anti-cheat system.” This new method has been used in other anti-cheat systems, Riot said, and will now be applied in all Riot games. You can read more about the changes and new system on the development blog.

The new Clash mode of the game League of Legends is coming soon, and will bring many new ways to play as a team with friends. Meanwhile, patch 10.4 is about to be released, expected to be on February 20. Maybe we will know more information from Riot soon.

Source link: Cheating in League of Legends is much harder now


The professional CSGO arena is accused of cheating and selling clarity

A shocking report from esports journalist, Richard Lewis, says that more than half of the top Counter-Strike: Global Offensive teams would have been banned from professional competition for cheating without the intervention of the organizers. solution to save face. The news comes a few days after the professional and semi-professional CSGO supervisory association, ESIC, said it would “exempt from prosecution of coaches, players and teams” suspected of cheating.

According to a more than three-hour video on Twitch on December 8, Lewis explains in detail the lies and intrigues that plague nearly every organization in CSGO, including players, teams, and tournament organizers. Often game developers will control their assets to prevent conflicts of interest and ensure the professional arena is clean. But that didn’t happen in CSGO thanks to Valve’s distinctive approach. And Lewin thinks that CSGO will definitely pay a heavy price.

Top teams stream snipe while others sell games for money

For viewers, what really determines the victory or defeat between the two teams is the skill of the players and the team. But evidence from the second half of 2020 shows that the CSGO professional arena is really just WWE-style wrestling. Lewis specifically spoke on stream about what many have long suspected: professional teams cheating at live tournaments by streamnipe, then match-fixing in low-level CSGO tournaments is very popular and everyone From the CSGO organizers, to the teams as well as the players to arrange the game so that they can make the most profit.

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In early 2018, professional CSGO matches began to change from online to LAN arena. There, the tournament takes place under the supervision of supervisors, who collect all phones to prevent hacking, and monitor the behavior of players in and out of the game to prevent cheating. But travel restrictions force tournaments to return online. Players and coaches compete using a “guaranteed honor” instead of being supervised by an admin. And according to Lewis, a lot of teams have taken advantage of that loophole.

Lewis said that many of the top professional CSGO teams exploit that laxity to “stream snipe” – the behavior of watching their matches even though the stream is delayed (for the audience to watch). Lewis said that at least 10 teams in the current top 20 CSGO teams should have been punished by ESIC, but not thanks to the intervention of the CSGO tournament organizers – the sponsors of the ESIC association.

ESIC is subject to a conflict of interest

Early signals suggest that something is amiss within the top professional CSGO games in the first week of December, after ESIC did not issue a penalty for the teams suspected of streaming snipe at the tournament. This decision is very strange, especially when ESIC revealed the penalty of banning 37 CSGO coaches in the biggest cheating scandal ever in September. Similar to that scandal, this time many coaches are in the top. CSGO teams like CSGO and MIBR were also implicated.

Former MIBR coach, dead
Former MIBR coach, dead

But whether ESIC can be trusted as a third party custodian is a matter of consideration. ESIC receives funding as “membership fees,” from various CSGO tournament operators. Bookmakers also contribute to this fee, and that creates a conflict of interest by any penalty ESIC intends to impose.

This organization is based in Australia and is privately held. It is registered under four business names: ESIC Global Holdings, Esports Integrity Coalition, Esports Integrity Commission, and World Esports Federation.

With the news that top teams can cheat to win prizes, Lewis also reported that match-fixing in CSGO semi-pro tournaments is no big secret. The journalist made it clear that this is not only a regional problem but also a global one. Lewis claims to have received numerous chats to prove its existence.

Lewis highlights this issue in his next post when talking about Riot Games and their new shooter Valorant. In the post, Lewis asks the company not to make the same mistakes professional teams like CSGO and Valve have made.

“We’re paying a heavy price in Counter-Strike for refusing to cooperate… We have dozens of coaches banned for cheating and that number is growing. Our semi-pro league is full of bets and no one can afford to investigate all of them. The side that can do it (ESIC) has admitted to surrender… I don’t know how much longer everything is covered before it completely collapses,” Lewis shared.

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Dota 2: When is third party support considered cheating?

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How far can third-party software help you before being considered fraudulent?

Stratz+ is the free drafting software of Stratz, the famous Dota 2 index tracking service. Once installed for free on your computer, Stratz can scan your opponent’s profile and give you tips for defeating them. These apps only use public information that is accessible to any Dota 2 player, but it still creates an unfair advantage over players in general.

So is using this online Dota 2 app considered some kind of fraud? If not, what is considered cheating?

What can Startz+ help with?

The first user should know what Stratz+ can and cannot do.

The application connects directly to Dota 2 and scans information about players connected to the match. The App will check the opponent’s ID with their public Dota 2 play history. This information includes all picked heroes and the opponent’s playing record. The app uses that information to give you advice during the drafting phase.

Stratz+ cannot control your game directly or automatically make decisions for you. It can only give advice based on available data. Players have the right not to follow these tips, but they can have a positive impact on the outcome of a Dota 2 rank match. For example, it can recommend which heroes to ban and which heroes to pick based on the opponent’s data, as well as when the hero is strongest based on the draft.

Stratz+ clearly creates an unfair advantage, but is it cheating? All of the data Startz has is, in theory, accessible to anyone, but it is collected and aggregated in a way that is not normally possible for the user. No one can open Dotabuff and view each enemy’s data in just 20 seconds using hero bans.

Many similar applications have been around for quite some time in the esports world. Some argue that their existence is obvious to esports in the digital age. Valve probably won’t let pro players use such a tool at the Dota Pro Circuit, but Stratz+ is still perfectly acceptable for general players to use.

If Startz is not considered cheating, then what is considered a violation? Valve announced that input and reaction macros have been completely banned. We can say that anything that takes control from a player is considered cheating, but everything is up to the game developer’s discretion.

How to hide play history in Dota 2

If you think Stratz+ users have an unfair advantage, there is a way to avoid Stratz+ exploiting information. Stratz can only get play history from public Dota 2 profiles. If you change your profile to private, the app cannot use your data to give advice. Here’s how to avoid being exploited by Stratz+.

Dota 2 Khi nao phan mem ho tro thu ba bi xem la gian lan - Emergenceingame

To change your Dota 2 profile to personal, open the game and go to the settings menu. Open the Social tab and look for the “Expose Public Match Data” entry. It is enabled by default but can be turned off by unchecking it. Note that other online stats tracking sites like Dotabuff and OpenDota will also not get your match history when changing your profile to personal.

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Is using Happymod in Free Fire cheating?

Desire to become a good player in Free Fire causing many people to go the wrong way including committing fraud. Happymod is a modified version of Free Fire that is used by quite a few players. In this article, we will learn together about Happymod including its reliability and legitimacy.

Free Fire extremely attractive to survival shooter enthusiasts because of its unique elements such as character skills or pet system. The game is extremely competitive. Some players take the game very seriously and do everything they can to get to the top of the game. Some people even started using modified apps.

Can you use the happymod meme in free fire to be able to hop on it?

Is it legal to use Happymod in Free Fire?

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Many new players of the Free Fire community are not aware of the consequences of using these mods. They often get confused and go the wrong way when using mods and hacks. However, many players, despite knowing the consequences, still use illegal apps, scripts and tools. In which, Happymod is trusted by many users. In this article, will give the answer to the question “Is using Happymod in Free Fire cheating?”

Using Happymod in Free Fire: Legal or not?

1. What is Happymod in Free Fire?

Happymod is a mod version of Free Fire that provides players with many illegal features including aimbot and ESP. Many videos and websites have confirmed that this mod is effective and helpful in leveling up.

2. Is Happymod legal?

The use of this mod is called blatant cheating. Even if it works, players should still not use it because it is against the rules and illegal. According to the official Garena Free Fire website, cheating is defined as using 3rd party software or modified applications to perform any function that should not be possible.

Can I use happymod in free fire to see how long it takes?

Happymod falls under this category and therefore it is considered illegal. Garena Free Fire has a zero-tolerance policy for cheating and users will be “banned” forever if they violate it.

The anti-cheat FAQ also states that devices used to commit cheats will also be banned and that users will not be able to use such devices to play Free Fire even after creating an account. is different.

In addition, many people also intend to Mod Diamond in the game. However, if you do not know if Garena Free Diamond Mod is safe or not, do not miss the article Things to know when Mod Free Fire Diamonds.However, if you have deleted Free Fire before, quickly download it again here.

Link to download the latest Garena Free Fire:

=> Link Download Free Fire for Android
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=> Link Download Free Fire for iPhone
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Therefore, if players do not want to lose their account and still want to continue to experience the game on their device, they should not use this mod. It is not allowed and is not recommended under any circumstances.

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How to report Hack, cheating in Free Fire

Developer Garena announced that it will strictly handle violations of using invalid software in tactical shooters. Free Fire of them, if you spot such a person, please report it to us by doing the following.

What should be done to be cool when we encounter Hack or use 3rd party software to interfere in Free Fire now? Please report to the developer so that the hacker can fly away. If you don’t know how to report Hack, cheating in Free Fire, please refer to the instructions below.

how to hack cheats in free fire

Garena permanently band cheating accounts in Free Fire

Instructions for reporting Hack and cheating in Free Fire

According to NPH Garena’s statistics, from the beginning of the year to now, the number of new Free Fire players has constantly increased, which shows that their Battle Royale game is definitely attractive. But the large number of players also leads to the situation of Hack, cheating when using 3rd intervention software is rampant. So Garena has added Hack reporting functionality to Free Fire.

Step 1: After being destroyed by a Hack and cheating player in Free Fire, you will get Observe that gamer. At the screen Observe please click on the sign icon exclamation denounce player in the lower right corner of the screen.

How to hack cheats in free fire 2

Step 2: In the table Player Report, choose Cheat and click Confirm. Immediately the file of the accused player is sent directly to the NPH, Garena will check it and immediately Band permanently.

How to hack cheats in free fire 3

In addition, players can also directly report Hack, cheating in Free Fire when sending images or videos demonstrating behavior to NPH Garena. Here. Currently, Free Fire has added many new features in the next BO23 update, Garena Free Fire OB23 Birthday download link is right below.

=> Link Download Free Fire for PC
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=> Link Download Free Fire for Android
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=> Link Download Free Fire for iPhone
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Synthesize cheat codes, cheating codes in GTA I game

Grand Theft Auto is one of the best role-playing games in the World today. Each version of this game is supported to play on many operating systems and there are tips for us to experience better. One of them is the cheat codes, the GTA cheat command.

With the original name of Grand Theft Auto, later, due to more other versions, the company decided to rename this first version of GTA to Grand Theft Auto 1 (or Grand Theft Auto I – Mark a new beginning).

Fraud codes GTA 1 on the computer

HATEMACHINE Increase the values ​​even higher
ITCOULDBEYOU Reaching 999,999,999 points
SUCKMYROCKET Get all weapons, armor and a prison release card for free
ITSGALLUS (or NINEINAROW, SUPER WELL) Unlock entire cities
BUCKFAST (or CALLMENIGEL) Use all weapons (press * to get the weapons needed)
ITSTANTRUM (or 6031769) Immortal code
IAMGARYPENN Turn on vulgar, obscene language
IAMNOTGARYPENN Disables vulgar, obscene language
ENIGMA The police are aliens
PORKCHARSUI Error checking and correction mode
& MACHINE Increases stats by 10 times

Alternatively, when the debug mode is enabled, you can use an additional number shortcut key after:

Key C Current status and character coordinates
Key * All weapons are fully loaded
F12 key Restart level playing
R key Change the screen display mode
Key + Pause frames
Key D Screen capture
Home key Control center, monitored by camera
L key Enlarge the image (top view)
Key K Zoom out the image (top view)
Keys [ Phóng to hình ảnh (chế độ xem dưới mặt đất)
Phím ] Minimize the image (ground view)
Key 8 Camera control upwards (panning camera)
Key 2 Control the camera downwards
Key 4 Control the camera to the left
Key 6 Right-facing camera controls


For screenshots, the image will be in * .TGA (DUMP.TGA) and saved in the GTADOS folder.

GTA I cheat command on PS (Play Station)

WEYHEY Achieved 9,999,990 points

Encrypt 99 networks

TVMAN Access GTA San Andreas part 1 and 2
THESHIT Use all cheat codes
CAPRICE All cities
TURF Similar to Caprice
URGE All cities for parts 1 and 2, except Vice City
BSTARD All cities, bullets never cease and there are 99 lives
GROOVY All weapons
MADEMAN Similar to Groovy
PECKINPAH All weapons, armor and prison cards
BLOWME Activate coordinates
EXCREMENT Multiply 5 times
SKYBABIES Level options
INGLORIOUS Select a level with other expansion options
FECK Liberty City parts 1 and 2
CHUFF No police
EATTHIS Most wanted

Synthesize Grand Theft Auto I cheat codes on GBA game consoles

However, unlike operating systems, if you want to use cheat commands on this console, you need to activate it. regime Cheat Mode before, by pressing the key combination A + B + Start. Another thing that we should also pay attention to, is the cheat command execution on GBA (Game Boy Advance) uses a lot of key combinations, especially the arrow keys (up – down – left – right).

But instead of pressing all of them at the same time, you press quickly, in turn, each button to combine them into a sequence of commands required during game play.

LEFT + RIGHT + UP + DOWN + L + L Get $ 15,000 right away
LEFT + RIGHT + UP + DOWN + A + A Can use all weapons
LEFT + RIGHT + UP + DOWN + A + L Full armor
LEFT + RIGHT + UP + DOWN + B + B 100% health recovery
LEFT + RIGHT + UP + DOWN + A + R Lower wanted level
LEFT + RIGHT + UP + DOWN + R + A Increase the wanted level to higher
LEFT + RIGHT + UP + DOWN + B + R Switch to hostile mode
LEFT + RIGHT + UP + DOWN + R + R Most wanted (maximum)
LEFT + RIGHT + UP + DOWN + L + R + hold START + A Level options

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So the series of cheat codes synthesis in GTA game has ended, hopefully with these codes plus some code input tools, you can play your favorite game simply and easily.

Wish you have fun and entertaining moments!

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BattlEye – PUBG survival game cheating tool

As one of the best survival shooters of 2018, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds in particular and many other blockbuster games are victims of hacking, cheat, cheating while playing games. This not only causes heavy losses to the game’s revenue performance, but it also affects other players, making the game environment unfair, inhibiting gamers and influencing the game. to its image, the quality of this best survival game on Google Play.

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds

Between June 2017 and October 2018, the company wiped out more than 13 million PUBG players with signs of fraud. At the latest update, there are also more than 30,000 accounts sharing the same fate, worth mentioning that there are up to 10 pro players – who have illegally made thousands of dollars from PUBG tournaments.

To limit and resolve this situation, PUBG has included in the game PUBG (PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds) an anti-cheat tool called BattlEye.

Anti-cheating tool when playing PUBG

BattlEye – Anti-cheat tool when playing PUBG

BattlEye is a professional software system, it is capable of monitoring the progress and progress of all gamers. By detecting the change, BattlEye locates and finds players cheating, using cheat software, hacking games.

If you are also playing PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds survival game and are curious how BattlEye works, check out this article by During its operation, if BattlEye detects any player showing signs of cheating, it will immediately destroy the game data of that account, and at the same time push the account holder out of the game. notice in advance.

Every PUBG player starts off with a maximum score called Merit (100 Merit). It can be roughly understood as the reputation of a strategy game Arena of valor. During the game, if you exit the match midway, intentionally killing or injuring a teammate, the Merit points will drop.

Fight against PUBG cheats with BattlEye

When your points fund drops to 60 Merit, your account will be locked in Duo and Squad modes. If you want to play again, you have to plow and drag in Solo mode.

In fact, PUBG has also integrated the Report feature into the game now. Players can use this feature to denounce their teammates or other players of cheating, lack of culture immediately without waiting.

In addition to the warnings and introduction on how to use and how BattlEye as above, players are also advised not to use any help tools that are not authorized by the company, and should also learn the habit. Move constantly, communicate with teammates, as well as choose the right weapon to be able to play this action game the best.

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