Synthesize all versions of the game Angry Birds attractive – Part 2

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Since 2009 when Angry Birds was released, which became a hot phenomenon during that time and continued the success of its first installment, Rovio Entertainment gradually released more new games in the series.

Synthesize all versions of the game Angry Birds attractive – Part 1

With a fun storyline spinning your search for eggs and defeating the hated army of angry birds, the game takes you on an exciting and challenging journey. Let’s explore all versions of this fascinating game series through the following article and check out which games you have successfully conquered in this series.

List of game versions Angry Birds

1. Angry Birds Epic (2014)

The first role-playing game (RPG) in the series, Angry Birds Epic gives you a new way to take down the pigs. Go from sunny beaches to snow-capped mountains to fight your enemies. You will have to collect powerful weapons and use some spells to defeat your enemies and big boss.

Angry Birds Epic

Angry Birds Epic lets you compete with others, attend events, and fly to the top of the leaderboards. If you want to see how Rovio Entertainment turns Angry Birds into an RPG, then experience Angry Birds Epic right away.

Download Angry Birds Epic for iOS

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2. Angry Birds Transformers (2014)

Angry Birds Transformers takes you on amazing 3D adventures. With Red being Optimus Prime and the rest of the clan, it’s all up to you to help Autobirds save Piggly Island. Get ready to defeat EggBots by teaming up with the Deceptihogs.

Angry Birds Transformers

Upgrade your transformers with awesome weapons and dexterity skills. And then, partner with friends for real fun. Angry Birds Transformers is an action-packed shooting game that’s worth the experience.

Download Angry Birds Transformers for iOS

Download Angry Birds Transformers for Android

3. Angry Birds 2 (2015)

If you’re wondering if an official sequel to the original will appear on this list then the answer is yes. Angry Birds 2 takes your favorite birds to the next level. This part of the game has the same concept and gameplay, but really shows you how the series has changed.

Angry Birds 2

The first major difference is that Angry Birds 2 has multiplayer levels. This results in a more interesting and challenging gameplay. Next, it has one of the best features: you can choose the type of bird. No more days when you have to shoot lined up birds by default. Angry Birds 2 allows you to choose the most suitable bird to maximize its capabilities according to your wishes. With that, you can enjoy the fun of defeating pig bosses in battles, fighting other players in Arena …

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4. Angry Birds Action (2016)

Another role-playing game with the same theme but pinball style, it’s Angry Birds Action !. Spot and shoot birds around the area to take down the pigs. You play as Red, Chuck, Bomb, and Terence to destroy structures and hordes of Piggies.

Angry Birds Action

Angry Birds Action! there is a strange feature where you can scan what is called BirdCodes. You can find them on Angry Birds toys and unexpected locations everywhere. When you see it, scan it, and you’ll get exclusive content, power, and mini-games.

Download Angry Birds Action for iOS

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5. Angry Birds Evolution (2017)

One of the newest games from the company is Angry Birds Evolution. This part of the game is similar to Angry Birds Action! with immersive gameplay. With characters from the movie The Angry Birds, it’s one final battle.

Angry Birds Evolution

Organize your team, compete with others, and participate in weekly events to earn great rewards. If you love to play role-playing games and love birds then be prepared to take down the pigs before they beat you in this latest adventure.

Download Angry Birds Evolution for iOS

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6. Angry Birds Match (2017)

Angry Birds Match is the latest game released in 2017 of the series. If you like match 3 genre, love cute little mice, and angry flying birds, then please experience this game.

Angry Birds Match

Match items like popsicles, beach balls, jellies, and connect more than three to summon powerful birds that can blast rows and columns. With over 1,000 levels available, useful boosting items, and thought-provoking quizzes, Angry Birds Match might just be the ideal match you shouldn’t miss.

Download Angry Birds Match for iOS

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7. Bonus

Bad Piggies

Several other games related to Angry Birds have also been released. They aren’t part of the mainstream game series, but offer more variety if you’re looking for a difference.

  • Bad Piggies (2012): Build gear and bring the pigs to safety in this puzzle challenge.
  • Angry Birds POP! (2015): Colorful ball shooting game.
  • Angry Birds Trilogy (2012): This is a trilogy of Angry Birds, Angry Birds Seasons and Angry Birds Rio. You can still find it at locations like Amazon for Xbox 360, Wii and PlayStation.

Above are all versions of the attractive Angry Birds game series. Each game brings you new experiences with engaging gameplay and stunning graphics. If you miss any part of the game, let’s embark on the journey to rescue the precious eggs right away!

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