How to download and install CrossFire VTC Online

Raid (CrossFire) is one of the shooter titles that are highly appreciated in terms of visuals, game quality and have been the most impressive in the FPS series of the past few years. After Half Life, then perhaps this is the shooter game loved and installed the most by gamers. If ever fascinated with Counter Strike Online, you will not be able to ignore the game of the same genre, Raid has two versions in English and Vietnamese, you can choose to download and install one of the two versions to experience.

Download and install the game Raid

First you go to the page Download Raid (CrossFire), then press the button Download.

Click the Download button

In the list of download links, you click on the download line Raid 1340 (EXE) to proceed with downloading the raid installation file. Note that the version number will change when updated.

Raid 1340 (EXE)

Once the installation file has been downloaded, you will also be redirected to the component files download page. Please download all the component files in the list and put them in the same directory as the executable file. Note that you need to download the full file of these components, otherwise the game will not be installed.

After downloading, double-click the file .exe to start installing.

Next, choose the installation location by pressing the button Choose button to select the location then press the button Next to proceed with the installation.

Click the Next button

Once installed, go to the game and update. After the update is complete, the game will automatically launch.

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Once installed, open the game and proceed to log in with your VTC Online account. Type your name and account in the box and press the button Log in. If you do not know how to convert your account from VTC Game to VTC online, please refer to the article Guide to convert a raid account from VTC game to VTC Online. If you do not have a Raid account, please see the article How to register for a Raid account (CrossFire) latest.

Log in

After successful login, proceed to create character name. Unlike most other online games, you can name most of your special characters in Raid. When done, press the button Check next to see if your name is available. If your name is accepted, button Confirm will appear, click on it to confirm the character’s name.

Enter the character's name

Select the server cluster that you want to join. If you are a new player you can only access the server cluster Tan Binh. After going to a higher level, you will be able to access the top level servers.

Choose a server

Continue to choose the character. There are 3 default characters that the game makes available to new players. If you want to own other characters, you must purchase them in the Store. After selecting the character please press Confirm.

Choose your character

Select next channel. Note that channels with multiple players will have more battle rooms.

Finally, let’s choose a fighting room to start playing.

Choose a fighting room

Wish you have fun and entertaining moments!

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