“Hot boy” Audition made the whole community stir when publicizing two dreamlike wives

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If you are a member of some groups of the game Audition Surely no one will not know the guy with the nickname Pham Van Loc. It’s not because of the high vip, the giants or the handsome model that many girls dream of, but the reason why this gamer is widely known is because there was a time not long ago that he continuously spammed the community with pictures. Selfies 1001 shades with scary frequency, with status lines boasting full of their confidence.​


It is his defiant confidence that this 94-born gamer from Khanh Hoa received many “bricks and stones” as well as jokes from everyone. Many people think that the guy plays like a virtual life, but it seems that all the axes of public opinion can’t extinguish that incomparable spirit of self-love. “If I like it, I’ll post it.” Not only stopping in the Audition group, the million-like boy also expanded the area of ​​​​activity to other forums and groups on Facebook.


After a while, this hot boy appeared less and less and disappeared, making many people think that he had “retired”. But then a few weeks ago, the youth suddenly reappeared and continued to cause storms all over the world Audition communityeven level up with both live video and livestream.

And recently, this “hot boy” caused the whole community to make waves when he openly showed off his two wives, which he called “Linh big wife” and “Mai little wife”. What makes so many members of the Audition community so excited is when both girls are extremely pretty, lovely and cute, just like a hot girl.


“These are my two wives. The big one is Linh’s big wife, the small one is Mai’s little wife. And these two are officially my wives starting today. I promise to love you both equally, never big or small. I love you – 2 girls Audition gamer“.

Portrait of two girls that he claims to be his wife

Like the guy’s posts before, many other members have the opportunity to mock. Many people are fed up with this hot boy’s outrageous virtual life because most are convinced that these are just two pictures that the guy copied somewhere and then “color” the like sentence. This is not the first time that our gamer openly shows off his “half” like this and they are all extremely beautiful hot girls.​

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