EA received the award… the most hated company on a gaming forum

EA nhan giai cong ty bi gach da nhieu nhat tren 1 forum ve gamegmQT1 - Emergenceingame

In 2017, EA had to deal with the “mess” from the “boycotted” lootboxes of Star Wars Battlefront II. During that time, a community manager used the account Reddit Official EA Community Team to respond to complaints about character unlocking. This comment “suffered” more than 600,000 downvotes at that time and two years later, EA’s infamous comment has officially won. Guinness record world.

The record was discovered by user -amasha-. This person posted a photo from the 2020 Guinness World Records book displaying the record on the Star Wars subreddit. The post has reached over 80k upvotes.


The comment was posted on November 12, 2017 on the Star Wars Battlefront subreddit with the following content:


Since it was posted, the above comment has received 683,000 downvotes, being so “discriminated” that no other post (as of now) on Reddit has been able to “displace it”. The second “hated” comment also only has 88,906 downvotes.

You can look up every record on the Guinness World Records website and find EA’s name listed under “Reddhist most underrated comment.”

The game company certainly doesn’t welcome this record but congrats to EA anyway!​

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