The superhero movie series is hit with bricks, the director of ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ reacts

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Recently, the news that the two-time Academy Award-winning actress and filmmaker – Jodie Foster expressed in an interview that the films Superheroes are currently destroying the movie market Hollywood. After this answer was published in newspapers, netizens had mixed reactions to this statement of Jodie Foster. Recently, the director of the hit series Guardians of the Galaxy, James Gunn directly reacted on his personal page.

Actress and filmmaker Jodie Foster

In the interview with Radio TimesOscar Jodie Foster has frankly criticized the filming of superhero-themed films as being produced solely for the immediate benefit, despite the huge reverberations that devastated the film industry. Hollywood. She also said she would never participate in movies like this. Before that move, as a person who has been devoted to the topic of superhero fiction for many years, James Gunn did not hesitate to respond frankly on his Twitter.


“1. I think Foster has an outdated view of movies in the Spectacle-film style that doesn’t inspire much thought. That’s not always the case. Her ideology is quite ordinary and incomplete. It’s all baseless.


2. I say there is no basis because most of the studio movies nowadays are quite superficial in emotion. And this is very dangerous for the future of the film industry. But there are still a few exceptions.

3. In order for cinema to exist, I believe that great films need vision and heart, which films of this type often lack. And some of us are trying our best to do just that. Creating innovative, humane, in-depth epic films is what excites me about this profession.

4. But to be fair, at least from Foster’s words, it seems that she sees filmmaking as just something that largely revolves around her personal growth.

5. For me, maybe that’s part of the reason why I make movies. Investments of millions of dollars to make a movie need to do more than that. It has to be communication (communication) and my film does exactly that.

6. But nonetheless I have great respect for Foster and her talent and what she has done for the cinema. I appreciate her view of this art school of Hollywood.”


Many fans have also expressed their agreement with James Gunn’s point of view. They say that, despite the fact that Hollywood is gradually being taken over by superhero movies, it is undeniable that there are still many excellent films in this genre. Moreover, movies are made with great human meaning and must also be suitable to the needs and bring excitement to the audience. The superhero movie series can thrive to this day, the main reason is because of the support and viewers.

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