What will happen when Overwatch turns into a fighting game until it dries up

The 2D fighting game has been deeply imprinted in the hearts of gamers, from the time of the divine 4-button game until today, the fighting game genre is still an indispensable spiritual food for players.

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Just two characters on the edge of the screen, trying to fight each other to win, but still make players passionate. Among them can be mentioned names like Dead or Alive or The King of Fighters. For many, it was the time to eat and sleep with those fighting games.


Accompanying the above game is probably a first-person shooter game, whose name must be mentioned is Overwatch. For many people, it would be great if they could combine these two legendary game genres into one.


Meeting the expectations of many players, TGN Youtube channel recently made a video, this is a unique transformation when Overwatch’s characters fight each other in the stands, with super skillful beatings. . Through the clip below, you can see the Overwatch game has been fully integrated of a classic fighting game such as health bars, timers, arenas… It can be said that the video makes people feel satisfied. enjoy and enjoy.

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