Surrounded by the whole enemy team, gamers turn into “false rings” to win

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Those who are familiar with Overwatch You must also know the game mode “taking points” of the title FPS this. There, one side will play an offensive role while the other side defends with the task of preventing the enemy Team from taking their position. However, sometimes the defensive side plays too “crazy” to the point of forcing the attacking team back and causing them to be pushed back to the respawn point.


If you accidentally fall into that case, many gamers will have to say hello.. simply because the respawn point usually has a rather narrow exit, so it is easy for the enemy team to focus their fire and feed them. However, there was one gamer who refused to give up early and that situation gave him the opportunity to become a “shinobi” Authentic Overwatch.


There Overwatch player with the nickname Moosio found himself in exactly the same situation when his entire Team was pushed straight to the respawn point for the duration of the match. With no way to resist, Moosio came up with an idea like no other.. Here he switched to controlling Lucio, who was famous for his speed and excellent off-road ability. And while the enemy team was engrossed in destroying teammates, Moosio opened the way to remove himself and headed straight for the stronghold.


As calculated, it was not until Moosio was about to successfully capture the point that the enemy team began to realize their fatal mistake. Indeed, all the time before that, no one cared about the main task of defending the fortress, no one noticed that Moosio was calmly sitting there and preparing to snatch victory from their hands. When discovered, the nearest Hero of the enemy team, Torbjorn, rushed back.. thought he could promptly stop the plot of “patient” Lucio. However, just as he was about to jump into the square to stop the countdown, Moosio activated Lucio’s signature skill. Yes, it is the sound wave skill that pushes the enemy back, officially giving your team a more painful defeat..

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