It’s not for the money, it turns out that this is the reason why Ninja is determined to leave Twitch

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Jessica Blevins, manager and wife of streamer famous Ninja recently revealed the real reason why he decided to leave Twitch to switch to exclusive stream for Mixer by Microsoft. Before that, there were rumors that Microsoft spent tens of millions of dollars to attract Ninja. Of course money is important, but surprisingly it wasn’t the main motivation that made him decide to join Mixer.


Sharing with Business Insider, Jessica said that the real reason why Ninja suddenly left Twitch was mainly because of the overly imposed rules and a toxic community of the platform. They are not satisfied when Twitch does not have a cooperative attitude, listen when negotiating a new contract. Accordingly, Ninja will not be free to develop his personal brand, not participate in advertising or anything other than playing games. After leaving Twitch, Ninja signed a major contract with sportswear maker Adidas – something the streamer is not allowed to do if he is still at Twitch.


Next, the toxic Twitch community is also a big motivation for Ninja to switch to Mixer. Jessica revealed that, day by day, she feels that her husband is “less enthusiastic” when live stream because he constantly received messages of criticism and threats from negative audiences. Although Twitch also offers some features to limit this problem, it does not have much effect. Many streamers have fallen into extreme stress and depression because of this.

Recently, Twitch has also caused quite a bit of controversy because of the platform’s censorship decisions. Many streamers are banned from unreasonable waves, but there are also many streamers who, although clearly breaking the rules, have not suffered any consequences or been fined very lightly. Ninja has also spoken out on the matter and thinks Twitch should be more transparent and fair about its bans.


Meanwhile, completely different from Twitch, Jessica said that Microsoft is “warm”, “friendly” and always ready to provide all the support they need. After joining Mixer, he teamed up with Microsoft to play Gear 5 and with his influence, Ninja is sure to be the star of the company’s marketing strategy. Ignoring the money issue, with the above issues alone, fans can fully understand why he would accept the bet to give up his account with more than 14 million followers to switch to Mixer “remake from scratch”. so.​

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