This is the super heavy opponent of Dragon Ball FighterZ

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When Dragon Ball FighterZ Still in development to be released later this year on PC, Japanese developer Arc System Works suddenly revealed another “terrible” game that is also being worked on in parallel: BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle. The game is also in the fighting genre but takes the plot and character lines of Persona 4 Arena, BlazBlue, Under Night In-Birth and RWBY.


According to what was revealed in the first trailer, in BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle Gamers can “tag” their characters during or outside the match, each character has its own set of skills and voiceovers. In addition, the game will have an expansion pack (DLC) that includes 20 characters, with Blake Belladonna (from the RWBY storyline) as the opening character.


Trailer game BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle

It is expected that the characters of the expansion will appear in groups of 3 characters each time and gamers will have to spend money to buy. Although these are all well known characters in the anime community and Japanese games but work BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle hiding half of the characters in the paid content seems a bit too “blood-sucking”.

The game is expected to launch in the Japanese market on May 31 and release on Steam on June 5. To serve the world market, the developer had to open a new headquarters in North America.​

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