Surprised that “livestream phenomenon” Hoa Vinh is also a LoL fan, owns a huge PC

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At the end of February, netizens were excited by the appearance of a guy named Hoa Vinh. Strange face, strange name, but this guy has a huge interaction on social media.

There are live clips of Hoa Vinh attracting nearly 60k viewers at the same time. After more than a month of setting up a new Facebook, the guy also has nearly 380k followers.

From a boy who loves to sing and has several thousand fans in a livestream app on his phone, Hoa Vinh turned into a “livestream phenomenon“Having millions of viewers on Facebook overnight.


And also recently, in mid-June, Hoa Vinh officially hit the Vpop lane with the first MV invested up to 400 million VND titled “Don’t forget my name.” Just released, the song has made extremely good achievements on the digital music chart when chasing the achievements of the hits that are dominating the Vpop market.


Known by a large number of people with her voice and talent, few people know that outside of life, Hoa Vinh, like many other “beards”, has her own hobbies. it’s gaming and tech enthusiast. Typical evidence is that recently, on her personal facebook page, Hoa Vinh uploaded a photo showing off her “war game” corner, even “dropping” to invite Dual League of Legends fans to join her.


It is known that this PC system was recently purchased by the male singer to serve his entertainment and work needs. The machine has an extremely “terrible” configuration, a delicious gear system with a mechanical key combo, a headset, and a “quality” mouse that is no different from the game corner of any genuine gamer. In addition to League of Legends, PUBG is also one of Hoa Vinh’s “gut” games. Even the male singer once expressed his displeasure on the livestream about the ingredients that are said to be “explosive saints” in this survival game.

Invoice detailing Hoa Vinh’s “terrible” machine

Close-up of Hoa Vinh’s “terrible” PC

Hoa Vinh with his new “game war corner”

A slight “hearing” of the idol is enough to make his fans “crazy”. Many people were extremely interested and surprised when they heard about Hoa Vinh’s hobby of playing games, and quickly applied for ingame hoping to climb rank with the male singer once.​

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