OMG 3Q: Things to know about the Pet system

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From this new version, the forces in OMG 3Q there will be more help from the Beasts. The 6 beasts appearing in this version are: Chuc Long, Bach Trach, Chung Son Than, Kim Mao Hong, Nine-Colored Deer and Kim O.


In the attack group, Chuc Long, Chung Son Than, Kim Mao Hong and Kim O have the ability to randomly deal damage from 1-3 enemies with different damage levels. Meanwhile, Bach Trach and Nine-Colored Deer are divine beasts that can heal and heal teammates. Each divine beast has a unique skill and will appear once in a battle. Each squad can only bring 1 divine beast. Each time it appears, the beast will deal 1 normal attack to the entire opponent’s squad. The skill of the beast will be affected by the total battle strength of the squad and the leveling stats of the beast.

Launched with the beast system is the Dynamic Beast feature – the latest PVE version for OMG 3Q gamers.


Dynamic Pets is where players search for divine beast fragments and the necessary materials to level up the beast. Every day the player can go into battle with the enemy, every day there will be 16 challenges, each challenge whether winning or losing takes 1 turn. If you use up the number of turns, you can’t continue to challenge.


Players will destroy each base, when they win, they will open the next one, destroy the last base to open the treasure of the beast. There are 4 levels of strongholds to fight in Divine Beast Cave, after receiving the treasure of the first floor, you can go to the next floor to continue fighting, but cannot return to the previous floor.

The Pet and Dynamic Pet system will open when the player reaches level 88.

Divine Beast Treasures include divine beast fragments and beast-leveling materials.

In addition to this brand new Beast system, OMG 3Q version Divine Beast Conqueror also brings many special updates: 4 new truths, purifying gods, increasing pet monitoring stars and many other feature optimizations.

OMG 3Q new version Conqueror God Beast launched on 2/7/2018.
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