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Black Desert is a title MMORPG with beautiful graphics developed by Pearl Abyss and Kakao Games and still keeping its reputation as the super graphic products of the Game Online village. Not long ago, the publisher of this Black Desert game announced that by the end of this year the game will update the large map of Drieghan, and gamers will be able to download this map update data without losing any more. any cost.


And today Kakao Games officially announced the exact date the updated map Drieghan will appear. This new map will be updated on November 14 of this year, and the company also released a trailer to introduce this map. This updated map covers a large mountain area, this area includes 300 quests, plot details and brand new equipment. This mountain area includes new monster areas such as “Sherekhan’s Grave”, “Blood Wolf Town”, “Tshira Ruins”, in addition to the appearance of a new Boss, a giant dragon with a dark red body.


According to the developer’s introduction, Drieghan has always been considered the island of dragons and is the home of the dwarves, the terrain is surrounded by mountains, the danger overlaps. Here, players will encounter more missions and challenges. Duvencrune is the master of this new map and also the player’s stronghold, players can only use the newly updated Dandelion weapon to injure the Boss Dragon of this map.

The update of Black Desert is now available on PC and in the near future will run testing on Xbox One, Xbox One gamers can experience this game as soon as possible.

You can watch more trailers introducing this new map here:

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