Loki disguised as Hulk in Avengers Infinity War?

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Avengers Infinity War left the first shock for fans when Thanos attack on the Asgardian ship. To the hopelessness of Thor, Loki suffocated by Thanos with one hand… making many viewers unable to believe their eyes when one of the most admired images Marvel suffered a very painful death.

However, Loki has always been known for his tricks, culminating in his impersonation of Odin to take the throne of Asgard. It is for this reason that fans cannot believe that Loki really died at the hands of Thanos, especially after his very revealing dagger.


One of the most famous theories about Loki’s ability to disguise himself is that he used his magic to disguise himself. Hulk.. or more precisely Bruce Banner. Throughout the length of the film, Bruce Banner acts very strangely and unlike the people we know. The first sign is Bruce’s inability to transform into the Hulk immediately after his clash with Thanos, although many can explain that the Hulk’s personality is severely affected psychologically after facing an enemy. powerful.


But soon after returning to Earth, Bruce Banner still had very unusual signs. The first is meeting the love of Black Widow again after 2 years of drifting in space and all Bruce shows is just a fearful look. Throughout the length of the film, the two people did not show emotions and were almost not surprised when they met, all was just strange silence.

At the same time, we always know that despite the appearance of a bookworm, Bruce still has a brave heart and does not mind sacrificing. However, Bruce we see in Infinity War has a few weak points and even fear when facing danger.


Besides, Bruce throughout the length of the film does not show many skills of a genius doctor. All this character contributes is just sitting in the cockpit of Hulkbuster and even nearly dying without Thor’s presence. All of this leads fans to deduce that the Bruce Banner/Hulk we see is Loki in disguise and the real Hulk is most likely with the Valkyries, Korg, and Mieks.

And you.. what do you think about this theory? Is Loki dead or simply playing the game he used to play?

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