Infinity War’s Iron Man unexpectedly joins the Marvel Contest of Champions

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With fan gamers Marvelthe name Marvel Contest of Champions no longer a stranger.. Title RPG Although this mobile has been released for a long time, it still gathers an extremely large number of fans. Not only that, but Marvel Contest of Champions also constantly updates new content, allowing players to put their hands on countless different superhero images.


After Avengers Infinity War caused a storm at the box office, which is further proven with the fact that Marvel Contest of Champions has just launched a completely new character from this movie. Yes we are talking Iron Man with armor Bleeding Edge super modern.


This Update event will be an opportunity for Iron Man to reunite with his teammate Captain America version of Infinity War in a brand new war with Thanos. Using nanotechnology from Bleeding Edge, Iron Man can transform into a variety of different weapons and attacks, becoming an indispensable character in gamers’ squad. Not only that, the Bleeding Edge armor is also capable of absorbing enemy attacks, making Iron Man even stronger in real combat.


Right now gamers can unlock this version of Iron Man and assemble a whole new force in the confrontation with Thanos. This will definitely be a great opportunity for those who still do not feel “old” with the movie version. Readers have not had the opportunity to experience Marvel Contest of Champions You can download the game for free directly here:

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