Hoa Du Kiem – NetEase’s martial arts game with love language

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Today, if you consider pure martial arts games, you can only count on your fingers, because perhaps the scenes of martial arts games are not very beautiful, so Chinese game makers have taken into account. adding a fairy element to it, and then gradually losing the real substance of this genre. However, recently the new game of the NetEase family has blown away the idea that martial arts games cannot be beautiful, this can be said as an orthodox martial arts game but still ensures you a very beautiful look.


And the name we’re talking about is Hoa Du Swordthis is a title MMO game Taking the theme of ancient love, through a recent test, in general, Hoa Du Kiem can be seen as a revolution of martial arts role-playing games. Thanks to the application of 3D graphics with UE technology, the scenery in Hoa Du Kiem is very romantic, very poetic even though it is a pure martial arts game.


When officially chosen as the martial arts genre, the plot and ideas of the game and the scene in the game are always brought to the forefront. The game is shaped not only as a gypsy adventure of martial arts but there will be intertwined love stories. Besides, the game is also very diverse in systems such as airship and it is worth mentioning that the PvP and PvE systems are extremely diverse including, solo, guild, group… for players to experience. interesting.


If you are looking for a game that can both fight crazy but still be as beautiful as the first half, Hoa Du Kiem is a name that deserves to be on this list. The game is currently open for beta testing, you can register here.


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