Summary of tips to help speed up wifi for wireless routers

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In this article, will suggest you tips to help speed up wifi for wireless routers. After consulting you will be able to apply to improve the speed of your internet.

Currently, most of us use smartphones and laptops, that’s why most of us have a wireless router to help broadcast wifi. During use, many people complain about slow web surfing speed or laggy game play. In this article, we will summarize tips to help you speed up your wireless router.

Tong hop meow helps to increase wifi for wireless router


In the event that the Internet is suddenly slow, or sometimes it can’t, the first thing you should think about is to restart the wireless router. On reboot, ongoing activities will be stopped and reactivated. Therefore, users often perform this operation very often when the network has problems.

To restart, press the small button on the back of the router and hold it for a few seconds. There are reset buttons that are designed to be floating, there are buttons that are designed deep inside. You need to use a toothpick or a sharp stick to poke it for it to work.

Use another antenna

Many people complain that wireless routers of network providers have weak signal. To fix this, you can replace the antenna, but you must have a little experience to do it. Or else you can ask a technician, or ask the seller of the antenna to install it in place.

Band standard change

One of the other ways to make the broadcast stronger is to change the frequency band. With the default configuration, many routers use the 20MHz band width for the 2.4GHz band. However, for newer wireless transmissions, you should use the 40 or 60MHz configuration. 20MHz mode only works well with older devices.

Location of the wireless router

The last method is also the most optimal and effective method. If the above methods do not help you, change the location of the wireless router. Because if it is too far away, the wifi signal will be blocked by many things, such as wardrobes, glass partitions, curtains, etc.

The above are methods to help you speed up wifi for wireless router. Speed ​​up wifi also means speed up internet, help you surf the web faster and watch videos more stably. In addition, we also have articles Summary of common wifi errors and how to fix them. If interested, please drop by to check it out.

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