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TeamViewer error black screen is an error that shows a black screen when someone has access to your computer. This is the question of many readers when they don’t know why suddenly their computer has a TeamViewer error with a black screen and asked about this problem.

Teamviewer error black screen Where does reality come from and why do many people get the Teamviewer black screen error when someone accesses and controls your computer or you are controlling someone else too. But in fact, the Teamviewer black screen error is not considered an error because this is a feature and mode of Teamviewer when you proceed to control someone’s computer.

remove teamviewer screen

This feature will be activated when you control the remote computer with Teamviewer, specifically a mode that allows your screen to go black, not Teamviewer’s black screen to be able to remote computer control with Teamviewer better, less jerky lag during the control process and of course turning it off or on is completely possible.

Instructions to fix Teamviewer black screen error

Step 1: To fix Teamviewer black screen we need to open Teamviewer up then select Extras.

fix teamviewer screen 2

Step 2: In Extras you choose Options to continue in the customization section, where we will error Teamviewer black screen aka remove the background delete mode.

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Step 3: In Options you go to Remote Controlhere you will see an item called Remove remote wallpaper, check it and confirm OK done. The Teamviewer black screen error will no longer happen.

remove the screen of teamviewer 4

Step 4: Then you can try again to let someone else control your computer or you control someone else’s machine will see the difference when the error Teamviewer Black screen is completely removed.

remove teamviewer screen den 5

As mentioned above, the Teamviewer black screen error is not necessarily an error, but on the contrary, it helps you a lot. Especially for computers with low configuration or poor connection, removing the wallpaper is also a good solution. Therefore, you should consider when conducting the Teamviewer black screen error because this is not an error caused by your computer or Teamviewer.
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