Tips for playing Elden Ring for newbies

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Some tips to play Elden Ring for newbies that share, the suggestions below will help you access and master the game world more easily, especially for those who do not know the gameplay and strategy in the game.

Continuation of the series Dark Souls extremely successful, game maker From Software has continued to release an open world game Elden Ring with a difficulty that makes players “sweat”. When you first step into the world of Elden Ring, you will have to find a way to face countless choices and challenges in the land called The Lands Between.

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Instructions on how to play Elden Ring for newbies

If you are stuck or confused about where to start, the following tips for playing Elden Ring for newbies may be useful to you.

Tips for playing Elden Ring for newbies

1. Choose the appropriate System (Class)

The first and most important decision that you have to make in the early stages of the game is to choose the Class. Out of a total of 10 Classes, each System will increase certain character stats, depending on how you play and how you build your character.

In addition, you will also be provided with some equipment and spells that match the gameplay. For example, the Vagabond system is extremely suitable for those who love to fight with heavy weapons, while for those who like to use magic, Astrologer is the optimal choice.

2. Go to Melina to level up

After finding 3 Sites of Grace, you will be visited by a mysterious woman named Melina. Like the female characters in other From Software games, Melina is the one who will help you upgrade your character. In addition, Melina will also give players a Spectral Seed Whistle that increases movement speed when exploring The Land Between.

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Fortunately, finding these 3 lands is not too difficult, because the player will be given hints to find the direction to the next goal. Just follow these instructions and you will be able to quickly find Melina and unlock her character upgrade feature.

3. Use runes to return to the old lands

Rune is a currency in Elden Ring used to upgrade weapons, buy equipment, and level up characters. The player can obtain runes after defeating bosses or enemies, or in items such as Fingerfolk’s Rune or Pauper’s Rune.

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However, if you lose the battle, the runes will also “drop” at the location where you were defeated, and you only have one chance to return to that place and collect the lost runes. So, if you own a large amount of runes, use them for Site of Grace before going to boss fights or fighting enemies.

4. Collect materials to craft items

In the early stages of the game, you will meet a merchant and he will sell you something that will enable you to craft new items. This is an important feature in Elden Ring, because it is these player-made items that will make a big difference in combat as well as in the player’s journey to explore the open world.

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However, you need to collect enough necessary materials before creating new items. As long as the player takes the time to craft, finding materials is not difficult, because Sites of Grace has countless materials for you.

5. Destroy the glowing skull

When exploring the Overworld, you will notice that there are many skulls with glowing eye sockets scattered on the ground. Destroying them will yield some runes, so don’t ignore them but use your steed to trample them and collect runes. You will be surprised at the amount of runes obtained from this.

6. Make use of Spirit Ashes

Spirit Ashes have the effect of summoning souls to aid the player in battle. They will help you stay unnoticed by the enemy and can even be upgraded to have more features.

However, it takes quite a bit of FP to summon souls, and they only work in certain locations in the game. Specifically, you must be near the memorials to be able to summon the spirits, and if you leave that area, the souls will also disappear. The sign that you can recognize places with memorials is that this icon will glow in the lower left corner of the screen.

7. Use magic

Elden Ring is one of the most “potential” role-playing games, but that’s what makes it satisfying to be able to overcome the difficulties in the game. If you feel too depressed and difficult to win, consider using magic. Keeping your distance from enemies and using magic to attack is a good way to get through the game.

To use magic effectively, you need to know how to manage available resources and use the distance from the enemy properly, so don’t worry that this gameplay is not a real way of fighting. .
With some Elden Ring tips for newbies that just shared above hopes to help you quickly master the open world in Elden Ring and be able to build a character with a gameplay that suits you.

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