VNG Swordsman is officially launched – gamers hurry to fight now

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After a long time for gamers to wait, at 10:00 am on 11/04/2018 Swordsman VNG officially launched, opening the first server to welcome players into the experience.


VNG Swordsman is webgame simulates the Qin Dynasty, when Doanh Chinh was still reigning. The plot of the game is quite unique when bringing players into the mysterious world of assassins, becoming masters with the task of killing Qin Shi Huang. Although there is only 1 character with 2 classes, male and female, this webgame still gives players a series of extremely attractive experiences with a battlefield system, numerous missions, and countless PK features.
You will be overwhelmed by the massive equipment series of VNG Swordsman. Soldiers alone have up to 11 types with many unique skills and designs. Besides, gamers can also own the extremely powerful Dark Air PK. This is the equipment that creates dramatic and thrilling PK situations. Because it can completely change the game in just 1 move.

PK definitely can’t be without this huge series of equipment

The equipment of the VNG Swordsman is equally unique with a series of Hidden Masks, majestic Riding Animals, Dressed Dresses, Various Bodies, Long Souls, shimmering Footprints … not only beautify the character but also increase the number of people. force when PK.
One of the points that makes players enjoy in 3 days of Alpha Test is the extremely vivid and beautiful graphics. Not only has majestic scenery, charming falling flowers, Swordsman VNG also possesses a series of skills with extremely standard graphics and atmosphere, making a strong impression every time PK launches a gamer’s move.

Falling flower graphics make the PK more attractive

Watching the moon, watching flowers… are the unique experiences that Swordsman VNG brings to gamers

The image of the Spirit of the Spirit Skill is extremely powerful, making gamers admire

In addition, the series of crowded battlefields is also a unique feature that many players love. With the one-of-a-kind Great War Phenomenon 150 vs 150, all players of the server can fight and PK each other. Along with the series of battlefields Dot Bao Bi Canh, Thich Tan Bi Su … surely players will have hours of PK release.

The crowded battlefield makes players excited

On the first day of launch, VNG Swordsman will give players a series of extremely attractive gifts. Quickly experience this extremely HOT webgame right now!

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