The fastest way to level up in Pokemon GO

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After Pokemon Let’s Go launched on the Nintendo Switch platform with interactive features with Pokemon GO, a lot of gamers began to return to the once-crazy AR game experience. However, after a long break, the gap between the retired gamers and the diligent gamers was too great, so a new solution was found to quickly increase the level.


Instead of catching pokemon as usual, the fastest way to level up today is to hunt legendary Pokemon while using Lucky Egg. Specifically, a schedule has been compiled by the community as follows:

1. Go to Poke Gym and spin for a free Raid Pass. This Raid Pass can be used to hunt all types of pokemon, including legendary ones.
2. Do not use immediately but wait until the next day.
3. When you’re ready, go to a Gym that’s hunting legendary level Pokemon and use the Lucky Egg item.
4. After completing the first hunt, quickly find another Gym to get a Raid Pass or spend money to buy one for 100 PokeCoins.
5. Find another hunt and complete it.


Each successful hunt for legendary Pokemon helps the character gain 10,000 experience points, but with Lucky Egg, the number of points is doubled, to 20,000. Especially in special events, doubling the experience for the operation will increase the final score to 40,000. Currently the highest level in Pokemon GO is level 40, it takes 5 million points to upgrade from 39 to 40. So 40,000 points in 30 minutes is a significant number.

The boss hunting strategy for points has an important note of cooperation with teammates, because high-level pokemon are all very strong. New players returning to the game should find a guild in Facebook or Discord groups to discuss specific boss hunting times and locations.

In addition, due to just coming back after a long break, gamers will have a lot of new pokemon species to hunt, each new species brings back 500 experience points, equivalent to 1000 points if using Lucky Egg. With the recent update to the friend feature, gamers can trade pokemon and find even faster ways to level up.​

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