Summary of shortcut to play game Mu Online

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MU Online is an extremely attractive online role-playing game, full of attractive features of MMORPG series. Similar to Hot titles like PUBG, Rules Of Survival, PUBG Mobile VNG, Mu Online also have their own shortcut system to help players manipulate and move in the game much faster.

MU Online

Shortcuts help to play games Mu Online faster
Shortcuts help to play games Mu Online faster

List of keyboard shortcuts for Mu Online gaming

Enter: Open the Chat box

Space: Collect items

C: Character information

T: Quest

I V: Treasure chest

Ctrl Q W E R: Location of potion

Q W E R: The key to using potions is in the corresponding letter

S: Open a personal store (Need to open a chest)

D: Command window

G: Guild

F: Friend

Esc: System menu

P: Party

M: Map list

U: Menu

A: Master Skill Tree

K: Expand Item Box

L: Repair items (Need to open a chest)

X: Shop for items

B: Gens

O: Options

Z: Help menu

PrtSc: Print Screen key, take a screenshot

Tab: Show mini map frame

F1: Enable / disable Help

F2: Enable / disable Chat Frame

F3: Enable / disable Private chat

F4: Edit Chat window (Open chat first)

F5: Select the background color of chat frame (Open chat frame first)

F9: Enable / disable Chat gens

Alt: Enable / disable Show item name

Alt + Chuột phải: Quick Menu

Ctrl + 1, Ctrl + 0: Memorize the skill selected by each number

Ctrl + Chuột phải + 1, Ctrl + Chuột trái + 0: Attack PVP

1 + 0 + Chuột phải: Attack PVP (Vulcanus only)

Gamers remember the above keyboard shortcuts, for faster operations, and quickly win the game!

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