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Akinator, used with the genius of talent on the Internet, this genie can guess who you are thinking in mind, he will ask you a few questions, then guess which character you are. think about. You will be amazed at the genius’s ability to predict accurately, so how do you know what he predicts about the things you’re thinking in your mind, how he works, how to fight. trick him.

It was an idea based on artificial intelligence software created by three French programmers in 2007, on a trip to the East they came up with this unique idea, to five 2010 new publisher released the first version on the phone. You can buy this app for the same price 1.99USD on all 3 app stores Appstore, Google Store, Windows Store. You can also experience the free Akinator version on the phone, but the number of characters will not be as diverse and rich.

So how to play Akinator, how to deceive this genie, Download.vn will guide you through the article below.

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Instructions to play and learn game Akinator

1. How to play Akinator

Step 1: Download the app on your phone and go to the Akinator app, select your language and press Challenge me.


Step 2: Think of any character, be it a singer, Youtuber, gamer, artist, actor, even a character in a comic book, a fictional character … Then he will ask You a series of questions, you will answer the genie’s question according to various options Yes, No, Probably, Probably Not, and Don’t Know. Try to answer as accurately as you can.

The popularity of the character you can think of will be attributed to the number of questions, quickly maybe only 10 questions he has guessed your character, but if long then the number of questions can be up to about 70 sentences.


Step 3: After completing the questions, this genie will answer the person you are thinking of. If he guesses wrong 3 times, he will give up and give you a suggestion with a board. the character book has the closest characteristics to the questions he asked, if not on this list you can enter the name of the character you think of.


Step 4: If you have entered the name of a character that he still cannot guess, then the character you are thinking of may not be in the filter that the genie cannot guess your character. Then he will give up on you completely. You can press Play Again to play again.


Step 5: If Akinator correctly guessed your character, he will give you more information such as the number of times the character was predicted, or the last time the character appeared in the game.


2. How Akinator works

The first question that many people will ask for this interesting game is: “How does the game know what it is thinking?”.

According to the information on the frequently asked questions section of the game website, the game’s creator responded as follows: “We used the software. Limule for Akinator is produced by the company Elokence.com. The algorithm used for this game is created by us. But the way we create it is a secret. “


According to the above answer, we really do not know much information about that answer, but according to the way the game works, we will see that, when Akinator cannot guess the character you think of, then He will ask you to enter the picture, the name of the character to increase the game data, with this Akinator will know a lot of answers because there will be millions of people using this game in the world. . Each person will add information to Akinator so it is easy to understand why he knows so many people.

3. Some other functions and tips that you can perform while playing

In the settings in the game you can turn on Child protection (Children protection)For kids who also want to play this game, you should turn this mode on. Here you can also invite your friends and rate this app.


In case you answer the questions randomly and out of sequence and not the same person you are thinking, the app will recognize that and remind you. Akinator can even guess what you’re thinking about someone in your family, so if you want Akinator to not know what you’re thinking, try to come up with a celebrity and answer the entire sentence correctly. ask.

Above are the shares of Download.vn about Akinator genie, how do you rate this game? Download the app and try to see what genie can guess in your mind.

Wish you have fun and entertaining moments with Akinator.

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