Summary of PGI 2018 day 4: OMG overwhelms everyone, Refund climbs to 14/20

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Oh My God (OMG) took over all the teams in their sights on day 4 of the PUBG PGI 2018 tournament, first person mode (FPP). OMG quickly rose to the top of the current leaderboard in Berlin.

Day 4 is FPP (first-person perspective) competition day, with 20 teams participating and a total prize money of 1 million dollars.

China’s OMG team performed extremely well, winning 3 chicken dinners in a total of 4 games. The last four games of the FPP round will kick off late tonight to determine the champion.

OMG’s proactive play has made many teams unable to react. They won a total of 55 lives in 4 games, creating a gap of nearly 1,000 points against the second team before the start of tonight’s competition day. With a dream start, OMG is almost guaranteed to win if the boys can continue their current form.

As for Refund Gaming, they have respectively reached 14th, 17th, 8, 7th positions in 4 games and are temporarily ranked 14th on the leaderboard with 475 points and 10 lives. This is an acceptable result against extremely strong opponents from all over the world. Wish Refund can achieve even higher rankings when the final day of competition is over!

PUBG PGI 2018 ngay thu 3 - Emergenceingame
FPP standings after the last day of competition

With 1st place almost out of reach, the remaining 19 teams will strive for at least runner-up in the FPP tournament to walk away with their own $160,000 prize pool.

Meanwhile, Europe’s Welcome to South George looks like it will be the runner-up after day 4, having finished second twice and fourth place twice in the previous four matches.

However, the FPP tournament is not over yet with 4 rounds remaining on the last day of PGI 2018. Even 20 teams can still explode unexpectedly late tonight, like the way Gen.G Gold did back in the day. play 2nd in third-person mode – but given what’s going on, there’s a very good chance the Chinese will win.

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