Dota 2: Dutch gamers can now see what’s in loot boxes before buying

dota 2 game thu ha lan thay trong loot box co gi truoc khi mua - Emergenceingame

Dota 2 gamers in the Netherlands can now enjoy a little more fun than in other countries, thanks to a new feature that allows them to see what items will be in the loot box before buying them. A screenshot of the Dota 2 Chest posted by redditor Larh, which reads, “Dutch players can now see the rewards before opening the crate.”

This change was added to counter the Netherlands’ anti-loot box policy: most recently, Dutch CS: GO gamers were unable to open the box. But the foresight feature you’ll get has its price.

Game thủ Hà Lan giờ đây có thể thấy trong loot box có gì trước khi mua chúng - Emergenceingame

Players can’t buy multiple crates at once, and this loot is tied to your account, not the crate, so selling them, trading them, or reopening the game won’t change the outcome of your items. will receive (which you also can’t sell because the Steam Market is locked in the Netherlands): What you see in the chest will be what you will get when you open that chest, no matter what you do. And the randomization system hasn’t changed, so the rarity rate is still low – which means you won’t be able to increase your crate opening rate by opening multiple chests at once to get the item you really want.

As Larhf explains, instead of buying a bunch of chests and opening them frantically, players will (hopefully) just buy the exact crates they need to get what they want. But this won’t stop those addicted to opening crates, as the gambling element is still there: You know what’s in the current chest, but still don’t know what the next one will have, and it only costs about $2 to find out. Okay.

But it seems this change is enough to please the Dutch gambling law regulators. You can use a VPN to change to another regulated unlimited country to take advantage of a market loophole, but this would be against the Steam Terms.

Assuming the new system doesn’t suffer from unforeseen problems, it should be available for other titles soon, specifically CS:GO.

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