Summary of keyboard shortcuts for the game Raid

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Raid (CrossFire – CF) is an attractive FPS shooter game, giving players extremely thrilling, dramatic gun battles. Also similar to the game League of Legends, Audition, Zing Speed, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, Raid also has its own system of shortcuts, helping players manipulate and move faster in the game.


  • A: Move left.
  • D: Move right.
  • W: Forward.
  • S: Back to back.
  • B: Open the bag.
  • R: Load.
  • Shift: Go slowly (Hold down the shift button, then press the go buttons like WASD to slow down).
  • Ctrl: Sit down.
  • Space Bar: Dance.
  • Left mouse: Attack + put bombs [C4] (When placing the bombs where the bombs are allowed, hold the left mouse button for a while to place the bomb).
  • Right mouse: Specific functions (For example, using a sniper rifle, right-clicking will adjust close-up).
  • G: Remove equipment from people (For example, on hand holding a gun, press G to throw aside, in case the gun is completely out of ammunition, throw the gun to find another gun).
  • E: Defuse the bomb [C4] (Close to the bomb press E to defuse).
  • Tab: Show scoreboard (Allows you to see Ping, Who died and how many people died on both your side and the enemy side).
  • Detele: Enable / Disable Radar.
  • Enter: Open a chat window.
  • Z, X, C: Open Radio news.
  • Esc: Table of options.
  • +: Zoom in on the map.
  • -: Zoom out the map.
  • (-): Reset map.
  • first: Main weapon.
  • 2: Secondary weapon (pistol).
  • 3: Knife.
  • 4: Bombs (or other throwable weapons).
  • 5: Bomb [C4].
  • F1: Open the Support window.
  • F2: Chat with all.
  • F3: Chat with the team.
  • F4: Chat with Clan.
  • F5 – F8: Available chats (Called Marco, installed in Options).
  • F11, F12: Agree, Disagree (Use when someone in the room is “Thrown out”).
  • Print Screen: Take a screenshot, then save it to the game installation folder.
  • Insert: Display teammates name, C4 (Press 1 will see the teammate’s name, Press 2 times will see the teammate number, 3 time to turn off).
  • Home: Increase screen brightness.
  • End: Reduce screen brightness.
  • Page Up: Mouse speed boost.
  • Page Down: Mouse speed down.

Please keep in mind the above shortcuts, to play Raid game more effectively. At first glance, it seems difficult to remember, but playing long, familiar hands will remember the shortcut quickly.

Wish you have fun playing the game!

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