Effective person-to-person tips in FIFA Online 3

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To win the game FIFA Online 3, players not only attack, but also have defensive tactics, understand the playing techniques to apply in each specific situation. The passing technique is one of the extremely important techniques to have the opportunity to break through the opponent’s net.

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But to make the technique through people effectively, the player needs to equip themselves with the necessary skills, to quickly pass the opponent, reach the goal or even face the goalkeeper to bring victory. my team. Please refer to the article below to accumulate more experience for yourself.

Effective person-to-person tips in FiFA Online 3

1. Cross the person by casting the ball

The technique of skipping the ball is relatively easy through the key Z (LT on handle), but not highly effective if overused, so please pay attention when using this tactic properly. This technique Usually used by strikers when your team’s defenders are closely following and intending to cross the pass.

How to perform shadow removal:

  • Pass the ball to the target, the player with the ball will let the ball pass by 2 feet.
  • When you see the opponent defender rushing up to cut the ball, quickly press the Z key.
  • Drive the player in reverse to follow the ball.

Effective person-to-person tips in FiFA Online 3

2. Cross your body by pushing the ball long

To perform the long ball push technique requires the performing player to be able to speed extremely well and be agile. The long ball push technique will surprise the opponent, Especially when you encounter people who have a kicking style, they will not immediately raise defenders but keep their positions to “lure” friend.

This technique requires players to quickly perform, as long as the player has an acceleration index, no need to be too high just> 78 cm range is okay. The player who performs extremely effective long ball pushing techniques is Gareth Bale, Di maria or C.Ronaldo.

How to perform long ball push:

  • Take the ball slowly.
  • When the defender came up close, quickly pressed the key Ctrl + movement direction.
  • Continue to hold the direction of movement and press key E to speed up.

Effective person-to-person tips in FiFA Online 3

3. Through group coordination

Team coordination technique is very popular in FIFA Online 3, moreover, it is also used a lot off the pitch to get rid of the tutelage of the opponent’s defenders, especially very rare in quick counter-attacks. CThe evil players on the attack line often use this technique to help each other through the enemy quickly.

Players with a slightly good pass count (> 70) can easily do this. Some players combine very well with this technique such as Messi, Neymar, Hazard, Suarez …

How to do group coordination:

  • Walking the ball slowly when he saw the defender rose to quickly find his teammates.
  • Press the key combination Q + S for that teammate.
  • Watch the player who just passed, if he can escape the defender, quickly release a decisive pass.

Effective person-to-person tips in FiFA Online 3

4. Over people with dribbling skills

The technique of dribbling to pass people in FIFA Online 3 is one of the most effective techniques, when applied to both buffalo and technical players such as Drogba, Ronaldo, Ibrahimovic, Henry, Suarez … Efficient period.

How to perform dribbling:

  • Reduce speed when the defender rushes to steal the ball.
  • Quickly press the combination in turn Shift + Moving direction + The direction you want to turn the ball.
  • Quickly let go Shift key and stay the same direction you want to turn the ball.

Effective person-to-person tips in FiFA Online 3

Hope the tips above will help you quickly overcome the opponent, scoring glorious goals for your team. In addition, in FiFa Online 3 there are many techniques that you need to refer to such as: Technical tutoring, Penalty shot technique good how to lead and kick the ball Efficiently accumulate more experience, conquer the ball easily!

Please refer to the video guide how to pass people in FIFA Online 3


Wish you have fun playing the game!

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