Summary of commands, cheat codes for Grand Theft Auto V game

Grand Theft Auto V (GTA 5) is a very attractive street robbery role-playing game, attracting a large number of players. With the open gameplay, unlimited space, time as well as gameplay makes many gamers have to “scratching my head and pulling my ears” without finding a way out.

Grand Theft Auto V (GTA 5)

Therefore, it is very necessary to help with commands, cheat codes in any case “emergency” to quickly complete the task. However, you should not overdo it to lose the fun of the game. So what are those cheat codes? Please refer to the following articles of


With GTA order 5 For this PC you can become invincible, spawn vehicles, access full weapons and basically, be able to do anything you want in the game. Each of the GTA 5 codes below has been tested many times and is extremely easy to activate.

How to use the GTA cheat code 5

  • Save the game: You should save the game before using any GTA 5 cheat because when using them, you won’t be able to earn more achievements until you restart the game.
  • Select cheat code GTA 5: Feel free to choose the cheat code you want to use from the list below.
  • Open the console in the game.
  • Enter the GTA 5 command simply by typing it in the corresponding field and pressing Enter.
  • Confirm GTA code entry 5: You will receive a notification that the cheat code has been activated. Confirm it and start playing the game.


  • GTA 5 is upgraded to ensure reasonableness in the game. For example, if you are indoors and you use the command to appear an airplane or a car, of course it will not work.
  • The cheat codes are ineffective when the character is on a mission in the game.
  • Another note, is that in this version, the cheat code will not be saved automatically, meaning that each time you use the command, you are forced to enter that command manually.
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GTA order 5

List of codes, cheat codes GTA 5 (Street robbery)

Code characters, weapons & health

Full of blood and armor

Super high jump

  • PC: Hoptoit
  • Xbox & PlayStation: not yet supported

Immortalized for 5 minutes

Get weapons and ammunition

Decreased wanted level to 1 level

Increase the wanted level to 1 level

Run faster

Swim faster than usual

Immediately restores physical strength

Fire bullets

Toolup: Provide more weapons and ammunition.

Explosive blast

Slow motion mode

Appears in mid-air to skydive

Jump 10 times higher than usual

Reduce gravity

Slow Motion effect of aiming x4

TBA: Super high jump / Fast swim / Please full ammunition weapons.

Drunk mode

Vehicle and vehicle codes

Holein1: Call a golf cart.

Flyspray: Call the lawn mower.

Have a BMX car right away

There are small combat helicopters right away

There’s a Caddy in the golf course right away

There is a sports car right away

There’s a Duster helicopter right away

There is a limo right away

Have an umbrella and press the X button to use it

There is a motorcycle PCJ-600 right away

There’s the Rapid GT sports car right away

There’s a Sanchez off-road racing car right away

Call the plane to perform stunts

Call the garbage truck

Duke O’Death’s car right away

  • PC: Deathcar
  • Xbox & PlayStation: Not available

Call Kraken Sub now

  • PC: Bubbles
  • Xbox & PlayStation: Not available

Call the Dodo now

  • PC: Extint
  • Xbox & PlayStation: Not available

Some other codes

Smooth road effect

Change Weather

One punch kill

Jrtalent: Direction mode (players create their own short films by the cast are characters in Story Mode, public characters …).

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In addition to these codes, you should also keep in mind these Shortcut keys to control the game GTA 5 fast, more convenient.

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