Suicide Squad 2 – DC’s expected blockbuster delays filming to next year

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Suicide Squad is considered the hottest movie of the house DC last year. The film was highly appreciated by the audience, and at the same time made the character “lover Joker“- Harley Quinn quickly became one of the world’s most beloved Comic character adaptations. That’s why even though I still get mixed opinions, but DC still not easily let go of this movie that is likely to become “the goose that lays the golden eggs”. After many changes of director, screenwriter, producer…DC finally selected a good candidate for the director position, which is Gavin O’Connor – who once made the film. The Accountant. Although the key members of the production team have been identified, there has been no announcement on when the film will begin filming. Before, there were many rumors Suicide Squad 2 opened the camera in March of next year, but recently there was news that this masterpiece won’t start filming until the fall of 2018.


According to known news, because of the poor performance of Justice League should Warner Bros. must urgently launch many other promising films to save this situation. In there, Suicide Squad 2One of the most anticipated movies. However, to explain the delay in the production of this super product, there are many different opinions. Many news sites believe that the film was delayed due to personal problems of actor Will Smith – who played the villain in Suicide Squad 2another source speculated it might be because Warner wanted to make way for a solo Harley Quinn movie to come out first. Based on Hollywood’s average movie production progress, it’s very likely that the audience will officially see it in 2019. Suicide Squad 2 out in theaters. In the immediate future, destroy Warner Bros. There has been no official announcement for this yet. Until next year, apart from Suicide Squad 2 then Warner will also start shooting other films such as: Shazam, Wonder Woman 2


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