GTA 5’s new update reveals the mystery of the ghostly tomb

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Array GTA Online of the GTA 5 Just received the biggest update today called The Doomsday Heist – offering a wide range of new weapons and “toys” to the gaming community. The main goal of this super update is for gamers to perform a series of big missions with the goal of “saving the world” and deciphering the mystery behind the infamous Chiliad mountain.


However, this Update also brings a whole new opportunity for the gaming community to uncover the mysteries that still exist in the GTA 5 world. To that end, The Guru Team has begun to “dig”. dig through game data and instantly find a ton that players have never seen before. But that wasn’t the most they found in The Doomsday Heist.

The first notable detail is the description of a revolver version Red Dead Redemption 2 – The terrible game has just been revealed by Rockstar not long ago. According to this description, gamers who overcome the challenges of headshot skills in GTA Online will be able to own this unique weapon.


Not only that, when searching deeper, Guru Team also continued to discover a special box with a piece of paper titled: “A treasure that ruined the whole family. I moved it so you bastards don’t can never find out”. Inside this chest is the frame of a revolver and six bullets. Along with that, this team also found a scenario about a series of missions that take gamers to 20 different locations on the map with the goal of finding the legendary gold-plated gun.


However, the interesting point is that one of those 20 positions is a mysterious unnamed grave that was rumored by gamers many years ago. Located to the south of the lighthouse at Cape Catfish, this tomb is said to belong to Ursula’s mother – a mad woman who has killed many people.. However, according to the gaming community, this grave is in fact hers. John Marston – main character in Red Dead Redemption first version.


Now, when one of the 20 locations found in the game data, which belongs to a quest related to Red Dead Redemption 2 .., the mystery of that tomb has been partly solved immediately. Even that particular gun is most likely the weapon that John Marston used to use and now uses as a promotional item for Red Dead Redemption 2 coming soon. However, this is not the only secret revealed by the new Update.. simply because the volume of Data is extremely large and is still being dug deeper by Guru.

All information about GTA 5, GTA Online and unsolved mysteries in the game world will be reported by Emergenceingame.Com as soon as possible.

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