Dragon Ball FighterZ – Watch Goku’s father fight with Broly

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The Saiyan race always attracts great attention from fans 7 Dragon Balls, especially with the characters of the previous generation when the planet Vegeta had not been destroyed at the hands of Frieza. The most prominent among them is Broly – the legendary Super Saiyan, and Bardock – the father of Goku .. which is familiar to fans through the name “Kakalat” from the series of Kim Dong Publishing House.


Now those two images are officially present in Dragon Ball FighterZ – Title fighting games Hottest right now. Not only have the opportunity to immerse themselves in the famous Saiyan warriors, gamers can also put them in a direct confrontation to test the strength of the two sides.


Through the Gameplay, you can see that Bardock is prone to fast attacks with the ability to rotate easily. However, that does not mean that his moves lack definitive with visible power. However, the complete opposite is Broly – who always shows the crazy anger and fierce instincts of the Saiyan race. Looking at him every time he strikes, the brutal image in the Anime shows up in the fans’ eyes every day.


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