Top 10 most haunting horror movies of 2017 (P.2)

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6. Raw (Grave)

Student Justine, forced to study veterinary medicine according to the wishes of the family. Although Justine was originally a vegetarian, when she entered school she was forced to eat meat. This change ignited a strange sense of flesh and blood in Justine, causing her to reveal her darkest primordial instincts, her craving for the taste of human flesh. Raw is one of the most popular titles in Toronto this year. Because in May, the new horror film won the FIPRESCI Critics Award in the framework of the Cannes Film Festival.


7. The Babysitter

Cole (Judah Lewis) is madly in love with her babysitter, Bee (Samara Weaving), because she’s hot, funny, and popular. Things start to get scary when one night, Cole secretly wakes up to discover that the babysitter is actually a cold-blooded killer who is at war with the devil. Cole must try to escape from Bee’s murderous group, who will stop at nothing to stop Cole from spreading their secret. It was a horrible time and Cole had to survive the long night.

8. The Promise

Ib and Boum are close friends since childhood, the fathers of Ib and Boum are also business friends and invest in building a high-class apartment project. In 1997, the financial crisis in Thailand broke out. From two rich and luxurious ladies suddenly had nothing and had to bear huge debts on behalf of their father. Distraught, Ib and Boum decide to commit suicide together, but Boum is not brave enough like Ib, too scared Boum runs away and embraces that torment to continue living for 20 years. As time goes on, Boum becomes a successful businessman, and has a beautiful daughter, Bell. As if there was a mysterious force leading Bell to accidentally find the place where the terrible incident happened in the past. Since then every night has been a nightmare not only for Bell but also for Boum. Will the mother and daughter be able to escape this ordeal or will they both have to pay the price for their old impromptu promise? The film gained traction thanks to the filming in an abandoned building rumored to be haunted for many years right in Thailand.


9. Annabelle 2: Creation

The story revolves around a doll maker (Anthony LaPaglia) and his wife (Miranda Otto). Both have experienced the tragedy of losing their only daughter. Saddened by her child’s death, they decided to summon her soul back home. This supernatural entity possessed a doll and from there many mysterious phenomena occurred. After the orphanage in the area was damaged, a nun and a few orphaned girls came to ask for temporary shelter. The guests soon become the target of Annabelle – the haunted doll crystallized from the blind love of the host.


10. It Comes at Night

The film is set in a hypothetical future, when a mysterious epidemic has broken out across the world. Father Paul (Joel Edgerton) and his family have to hide in a house in the suburbs, and they always have to follow a strict rule to ensure survival: Never go out unless absolutely necessary. set. One day, a family asked to stay at Paul’s house, and he agreed. All events started here.

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