Startled with a real-life spider web gun – Same quality as Spider-Man game

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Marvel‘S Spider-Man is still roaming the virtual world after breaking the PS4 territory, becoming one of the games with beautiful graphics and the best gameplay on this platform. Needless to say, this is the most successful Spider-Man game in recent years when accurately demonstrating the ability of Spiderman. From the image of swinging on the skyscrapers to the flexible combat like a dancer, Marvel’s Spider-Man really turns us into heroes. Super hero really.


But have you ever thought that the opportunity for you to recreate those powers of Spider-Man is completely in the palm of your hand? The answer is yes, especially with the development of technology like today.. In fact right now you can get your hands on one of Spider-Man’s most classic skills.. that is the web projecting. spider.


Accordingly, based on a device made by Channel HeroTech, the user can shoot “spider silk”.. is in fact a type of launcher that drags a normal cloth cord and can stick to metal surfaces. The device can even retract the cord and light up when the “tape” is loaded. Activated by a string tied to a finger, this device when launching spider silk allows the user to perform the exact actions of Spider-Man in the movie as well as in the game.

In fact, HeroTech himself is also a fan of Marvel’s Spider-Man when in parallel with making orders for customers, he also unleashes himself in the New York sky with Peter Parker in the game world. .

Indeed, with passion, creativity and a little technical knowledge, you can turn yourself into a real-life version of the Marvel superhero. If you are curious how HeroTech’s device works specifically, you can watch the video below:


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