Register now Fear the Wolves – PUBG standard game brings mutant monsters to the map

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If passionate PUBG in particular and Battle Royale In general, you must have known Fear the Wolves – game title FPS brand new of Vostok Gamesthe team behind the STALKER nice Survarium popular. With a direct attack on the Battle Royale series, Fear the Wolves possesses an extremely beautiful graphics platform and unprecedented gameplay elements.


There gamers will still start the match on a large map with 100 different players competing for the Top 1 position. However, besides collecting weapons and equipment like regular Battle Royale games, the game also for players to explore heavily radioactive areas. To access these areas, gamers must have special equipment, but in return will have the opportunity to own powerful weapons. Not only that, Fear the Wolves (PC) also brings mutant monsters lurking all over the map, ready to pounce on gamers in the most subjective moments.


Now, after a while of announcement, Fear the Wolves has officially opened its trial registration… ready for gamers to try their hand at the game’s harsh survival world. All you need to do is visit the address and enter your personal Email to be able to apply to the Beta test list.

Fear the Wolves game trailer.

With the Battle Royale series appearing a series of new game titles, with its own style Fear the Wolves can completely attract a large number of gamers. After the Beta registration, Fear the Wolves will be open for gamers to download and Emergenceingame.Com will soon update readers with the download address as soon as possible.


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