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Fainted with Dragon Ball Super’s 8 million-viewed fan movie

Dragon Ball Super It’s over and fans are looking forward to it Dragon Ball Super Movie – theatrical version of this hit series. With a brand new villain rumored to be a member of the clan Saiyan the old year, the new war of Goku promises to be more intense than ever.


However, the movie’s release time is still quite far away and indeed fans have found themselves sitting on a fire right now. That’s why many people manually quench that thirst by creating the extremely cool Dragon Ball Super Fanmade movie alone.. Dragon Ball Super: Origin of Saiyansthis movie puts Goku face-to-face with the villain that fans have speculated for a long time.

Although in terms of image quality, Ball Super: Origin of Saiyans can’t match the original but it still shows the amazing talent of the people behind this project. By combining videos made by himself with a few scenes from the trailer of Dragon Ball Super Movie, Origin of Saiyans has allowed the community to enjoy the breathtaking battles of the past and future generations of Saiyans. .


In fact, for Anime fans, the Origin of Saiyans team is MaSTAR Media is no longer a strange name. This channel has always been famous for its extremely cool Anime-based fanmade products with millions of views and followers. Fortunately for those who love MaSTAR Media, the video above is only the first part of a long-running Fanmade series, so there will be more elaborate publications coming out in the future.


As soon as this movie has a new episode, Emergenceingame.Com will update readers as soon as possible.​

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