Star Citizen sued with the creator of Crysis – The million dollar game is still far from the release date

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Crytek recently filed a lawsuit against RSI and CIG (Cloud Imperium Games) two game development companies Star Citizen for using his once-popular game engine CryEngine in a California court. The reason for the above lawsuit is that Crytek claims that the engine they developed for CIG has the lowest price on the market just in exchange for Crytek’s trademark image in the game, but the opponent has breached the contract and switch to using another Amazon engine.​


According to Crytek, the opponent intentionally used CryEngine 3 for the game despite the developer using an engine called Amazon’s Lumberyard provided. However, Lumberyard also has the source of CryEngine because it was bought from Crytek’s own hands when he was in trouble, so comparing it is very complicated. Before Crytek’s allegations, of course, CIG completely denied. On the Crytek side, he asked the developer of Star Citizen to remove the lines of code related to CryEngine 3 and demanded a compensation. On the CIG side, a representative spokesperson said that CryEngine has been removed and used Lumberyard for a long time, so the company will follow the lawsuit to the end. Before the related troubles, this will not only affect the image of the game but will also slow down the progress, it may take a long time for the game to reach the hands of the players, moreover if Crytek wins the game. may have to be rewritten from scratch and the loss could be enormous.


Is a Star Citizen MMORPG game set in the future world in the 30th century when the earth is under the domination of UEE (United Empire of Earth). The player will play as a citizen of UEE and is looking to improve his position in society by participating in and completing military missions. Joining the game you can fly the spaceships only in the movies and experience the feeling of fighting in space or interacting and trading with other players. The game is highly appreciated by the world gamer community because of its beautiful graphics and interesting gameplay. All news about the game will be updated by Emergenceingame.Com as soon as possible.

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