In the survival game SCUM, the hardest thing is going to the toilet

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As many readers already know, SCUM is the title survival game completely new on PC but has already attracted huge attention. In fact, right now, SCUM is on top of Twitch’s chart with a huge number of viewers, chasing after the super product. Fortnite. But what makes SCUM so special?

For those who are still confused about this game, SCUM is the most realistic and complex survival game in the history of the virtual world. Exactly, you didn’t get it wrong. “In the history of the virtual world!”.


SCUM narrates almost exactly the metabolic system in the human body. This means that your character has full biological activities like in real life. What do you eat, drink .. the game will list the full activity inside the stomach and intestines. How is your health, how is your physical ability .. will be shown through heart rate, respiration, ability to run at how much speed and how far to go, eat fast or slow, can lift heavy or light, long or short breath holding… and a billion other things. SCUM even monitors the amount of minerals and Vitamin C flying in the player’s body.


Of course, if you put it in, it must also be discharged, and the game fully demonstrates this system through both … “two main areas”. After a while of absorbing food into the body (not to mention toxic or not), the character will announce on the screen that he is feeling a surge of sadness in his body. And to do that, gamers must combine other control movements such as clicking the A key while holding the B key, thereby allowing the character to discharge impurities from the body. Not to mention you will have to choose the location to do this because the “track” behind can help the opponent follow your footsteps. In fact, the survival game series has appeared this image for a long time, but with SCUM alone, it has a certain consequence, not just to show off like other co-religions.


With such an extremely complex system as above, the decision to keep these impurities in the body will certainly have a drastic effect on survival. Not so, if factors such as Calories or Vitamins are not maintained regularly, the character will become gradually exhausted over time. They will not be able to run as far and as fast as before, as well as making their vision much worse, making enemy detection more difficult.

The idea that with a complex gameplay system like this, gamers will feel “shunned” from SCUM.. But the game is not on the charts of Twitch and threatens the most terrorist names. Today, August 29th will also mark SCUM’s entry into Early Access on Steam and ready for gamers to experience. If interested readers can visit the game page on Steam here:

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