Losing a bet with a student, the teacher was forced to give a test about the game

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Teachers are always people that we have to pay great respect to, simply because thanks to teachers, the young generation has enough knowledge to enter the difficult life out there. But also because of standing in the teaching position, it is often difficult for teachers and students to have happy and close moments. Sometimes teachers leave an impression on students’ minds as strict, even scary people.

But that’s not the story of the chemistry teacher Mike McCray at Tippecanoe High School, Ohio, USA with her students. In fact, the interesting story he shared with Kotaku shows a very friendly atmosphere between teachers and students.


Mr. Mike McCray said that before the 2nd semester exams started, he agreed to bet with students that if the Tweet of these “little devils” received 6700 retweets, he would take the game. Fortnite do test questions.


As proof of this bet, Mr. McCray was forced to take a picture with his minions with the words on the board “6.7 thousand Retweet for the Fortnite-themed semester 2 exam“And like I said, our chemistry teacher had to accept defeat. Accordingly, right after posting on Twitter, the student’s Tweet attracted huge attention and received more than 30 thousands of retweets so far, far from the initial milestone that teachers and students agree on.


After this victory, Mr. McCray’s students should have greater hands on passing their final exams. But on the other hand, our teacher will have a headache in integrating chemistry questions with the topic Fortnite.

Although he had to accept the loss, Mr. McCray must have found that his test would be much more attractive to the students. Maybe in the future those little devils will become even more interested in the subject that the teacher teaches.

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