Mini Doom 2 – Fan made in Doom’s Contra style for free

Minidoomtt1 - Emergenceingame

Doom has become a legendary game and is considered as the pave for first-person shooter products. Before the enchanting gameplay of Contra senior, try to imagine that one day the game will be transformed back to 2D format.


In 2016 many people must not forget the fan made game Mini Doom answered the above question for many gamers. Mini Doom has recreated Doom fully including enemies such as Imp, Cacodemon, Shotgun ….and familiar weapons in the original.


Recently the game has officially had part 2 and of course is still the style of play in part 1. In this part 2 the game is updated to 17 new doors with 2 BOSS, players can use 14 types of weapons. different to sweep every nook and cranny in the game. Part 2 is also divided into 5 difficulty levels and 4 separate game modes. The developer promises this part 2 will give you the most refreshing moments but sometimes also disappointment.


You can download games for free here:

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