Sony rented out 60 planes just to transport PS5?

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Although prices or specific plans for pre-orders have not been announced, as one of the console the most anticipated new generation today, Sony It is expected that the demand for PS5 will increase sharply during the holiday season this year. This demand may be so great that Sony is planning to use airmail to speed up shipments to the US.​


As recently revealed by Daniel Ahmad, analyst at Niko Partners, and well-known leaker, Sony has booked 60 flights in October to bring PS5 to the US to serve retail demand. Surely this will cost Sony more than the traditional shipping method is by sea.​


This is similar to what Nintendo did in 2017 to meet demand Nintendo Switch growing community of gamers at that time. The company accepted the extra cost to ensure 2 million Switch units were available in retail stores before the official release date in March of that year. It wasn’t until a few months later in an earnings report that this information was revealed. It is estimated that this shipping cost is about 45 USD (about 1 million VND) for each Switch.​


As is known, Sony will hold a press conference on September 16, we can know the price and official launch date of PS5 through this event. It is known that Sony is producing two versions of PS5, one with a drive and one without a drive. This is a bit different from .’s strategy Microsoftby Xbox Series WILL not only removed the drive, but also operated with a less powerful machine, which caused its price to plummet to only 299 USD (6.9 million VND).

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