Some common terms when playing the game of Pursuit

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For those who love the shooter series, it is impossible not to turn to Chasing, this is a new FPS game that has emerged in recent years. For professional gamers, when fighting, they will not use common words like shoot away, disband or attack quickly, etc. because gamers will form some common terms to be able to transmit. go fastest while playing while chatting with team. Here are some of the commonly used terms when playing Pursuit games you can refer to and memorize to easily join the match with other players.

Term used when playing Pursuit game

Dr.: Terrorist, terrorist party. Many places are called “thief, robbery”

CT = CTs: Counter -Terrorist, counterterrorism team. Many places are called the police.

Kit (Defuse kit): in short, pliers, a tool to help you defuse bombs in just 5 seconds. This is an essential tool if you are playing with CTs.

Bombsite: The bomb place. Each map has 2 bomb locations, A and B. It is CTs’ mission not to let Ts put bombs in these locations or disarm bombs when bombs are placed.

Camp: Hiding somewhere, or standing / sitting still in a certain position to perform the task (bombing, bomside watch). However, there are many new friends who play “afraid of death” so they often camp 1 place when they are alone. This is not good because it will waste everyone’s time. When you camp for too long, you will be prompted by the Mod / Admin server. However, if you camp to perform a mission, no one will blame you.

Rush: Fast attack. Applies to both Ts and CTs. When your teammates told Rush, you should move fast, not stop to avoid obstructing others. In competition, the captain can be abbreviated as “r B” or “r A”, which means Rush bom B or bomb rush A.

Term used when playing Pursuit game

Clear: When a teammate says this, it means that the area has no enemy, is safe. (A clear, B clear)

Cover: is to watch for teammates when it places bombs or defuses

Hold: is to stand still in place to tactic

Fake: To falsify an attack so they think they attack one place while hitting another

Harass: is QRTD so it cannot disarm or place bombs

ECO: Not on any gun

DECO: is just up DE

Rambo: go roaring, sweeping every corner

Up: Up Guns

FL: flash

FF: friendly fire

TK: team kill

HE: bomb explodes

CT’s Spawn: House scene

T’s Spawn: house robber

Dm: means deathmatch

Dcm: is in need of mouse

???: for justice

Liveshow, niveshow: only the case where only one player remains to fight multiple opponents in a game screen

Clear team: you are alone for the team

Some common terms when playing the game of Pursuit

Clutch: It is only the situation where you can handle at least 3 other opponents in a round by yourself

Rr: restart round

Stack: husband of people [không di chuyển]

Boost: husband to get to a higher position

Deagle: Firepower when paired with awp

Awp: additional firepower when accompanied by Deagle, often works as a landscape, to turn on and off the zoom for it, flowers, leaves, creating a flying style for the deagle

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