How to play Harry Potter: Wizards Unite does not cost Spell Energy

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If you are playing Harry Potter: Wizards Unite without knowing where to save or get Spell Energy, you will definitely be in big trouble. Therefore, in addition to knowing how to get Spell Energy for free, how to play to spend the least Spell Energy is also quite important.

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How to play Harry Potter: Wizards Unite consumes the least Spell Energy

In fact, there have been many complaints that a character can only carry up to 75 Spell Energy is too little. This is not enough for them to get used to the game, perform some basic tasks as well as collect necessary items.

How to play Harry Potter: Wizards Unite does not cost much Spell Energy
How to play Harry Potter: Wizards Unite does not cost much Spell Energy

However, it seems that the publisher is not paying much attention or they think that 75 is just enough for an initial experience. If you are also playing this Harry Potter AR game and have difficulty managing your Spell Energy, you can refer to the instructions below.

The rare Trace is preferred

Traces here are the badges representing the mission of each house or different group. We can see these badges on the home screen with different colors and icons.

Although each badge will represent a quest and bring a different amount of experience to the player. But there are also many repetitive missions and even though you earn EXP, the player will also spend 1 or a few Spell Energy (depending on your difficulty and ability to draw glyph).

Trace symbol in Harry Potter: Wizards UnitePrioritize rare Trace to save Spell EnergyIcons of each house for each mission
Quests are indicated by different colors and icons

Advice here:

  • Choose a rare trace (if available).
  • When this rare Trace appears, use everything you have to complete it (including using more Potions).
  • Try to remember all the tasks that you have done to avoid duplicates.

Make the most of your Spell Energy supplies

As mentioned in the previous post, when playing Harry Potter: Wizards Unite, we have some Spell Energy supply (Accommodation, Incubator, buy …) if there is a chance to get close to these spots, take a look. Spend as much time as possible to get as much Spell Energy as possible.

The Slyphs in Harry Potter: Wizards Unite
The Slyphs in Harry Potter: Wizards Unite

Each quest will usually have different difficulty and if unfortunately, the player will need to spend several Spell Energy for a completed quest. So if you get a chance to get Spell Energy, don’t ignore it.

Practice drawing Glyph

Drawing spells in the direction the wand creates (Glyphs) is the most important step in completing a task. Not only do we need to draw quickly, but we also need to draw exactly the pattern line for maximum effect.

Normally, when we finish drawing, we will get a quality rating (Good or Great), however, if the assessment is good and still cannot be successful, it is best to use with Potions (bottom icon , right side of the screen). Because sometimes, using this method only once is even more effective than if you “run” 10 times.

How to play in Fort Harry Potter: Wizards UniteFight with WolvesSave Spell Energy when playing Harry Potter: Wizards Unite

Another advice to use Spell Energy effectively, is when drawing Glyph, try to stand still to ensure the most accurate manipulation.

While challenging at the Fortress and finding yourself with too little Spell Energy, stop playing at the right moment. Because the higher up, the more difficult the challenge, which means you need to spend more Spell Energy for an amount of EXP that is not too necessary.

In short, the Spell Energy though are limited, but if you play intelligently and with a bit of computation, it is possible to play this Harry Potter AR game without too much difficulty due to lack of Spell Energy inflicted.

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