Guide the jade refining system in Avatar Star Online

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In Avatar Star Online, there are many different ways to strengthen a character. In this article, will guide you to increase your strength and stats through the Gems System.

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Gem training system in Avatar Star

Basic parameters

Each of your characters has a series of display stats, and it greatly affects the combat power and effectiveness of each class’s gameplay. And that series of indicators from top to bottom are respectively:

  • HP: Blood
  • STA: Health (relative to HP)
  • VIT: Vitality (therapeutic abilities)
  • Regen: Recovery (ability to heal)
  • DEF: Defense (damage reduction)
  • Pierce: Pierce

These stats can be increased through equipment such as Ring or Inlaid on your character card, default each character will have 1 mosaic tile and a maximum of 5.

Avatar Star Online

Note: You can open more jade mosaic tiles through use Electric drill.

Types of gems in the game and how to earn.

A primary gem requires 5 coarse stones to be composed in the item Cuong Hoa, they will be divided into four main types of pearls in turn:

  • Aquamarine: Regen increase
  • Ruby: increase STA
  • Topaz: increase DEF
  • Turquoise: increase VIT

Likewise, 5 elementary gems of the same type can form a much more advanced gem. You should beat the gem gradually over time, slowly but surely.
Particularly index Pierce It is impossible to rise through gems that should be obtained Rings equip it.

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Instructions to the board for the class

1. Guardians

Most senior royal jade: 2
DEF increased strongly, Guardian has average health but high recovery from skills. Against a Gunner, if you are hard-handed and well-equipped, you can still solo kill. But not against the Assassin. Shock damage is normal if facing an Assassin, especially the main skill Deathblow, and in just a second of negligence, it was normal to get on the board. Raising the DEF slightly will increase the stamina of the Guardian, in order to promptly react to the shocking situations of the Assassin class.

Most premium pearls: 1
If you use Green Gem, you can increase your heal. However, if you get too much poison, you can easily die, so the support items are always your companions in every match. A Gemstone will increase the healing power of healing items such as Heart medication, Lobster, Cookies…

Most premium rubies: 2
Increases a certain amount of health for yourself, stays in battle longer.

2. Assassin

Assassins have relatively weak health and armor, so to survive battles, priority should be given to gems that increase health and armor.

  • Most premium rubies: 2
  • Most senior royal jade: 3

3. Gunners

Gunners have 2 separate ways to play, so the way to get pearls is also divided into 2.

For Shield Gunners:

  • Most senior royal jade: 4
  • Most premium rubies: 1

For Gun Gunners:

  • Most premium rubies: 4
  • Most premium emeralds: 1

4. Crazy uncle

  • Highest gem: 4
  • The most senior royal jade: 1

Wish you have fun playing the game!

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