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Get free Dirt Rally – Off-road racing super product worth nearly 1 million VND

If you are a fan of these titles racing game If you’re popular in the virtual world, you probably can’t help but know it Dirt Rally – One of the most successful sequels of the Dirt game series. Swirling deep into the Rally racing format, the game lets players feel the truth, dust and heat of extremely powerful off-road vehicles. Not only that, Dirt Rally also owns a great graphics platform, ensuring a unique and extremely lively atmosphere.

Not so, when released on PC/Console, Dirt Rally has won high scores from gaming sites. IGN’s 8.9/10, GameSpot’s 8/10 or Eurogamer’s 90/100, are eloquent proofs of the success of Dirt Rally… And now all those wonderful aspects of this masterpiece will be to gamers without losing a dime. Yes exactly, Dirt Rally will be completely royalty-free and for gamers to download on the system Steam from now on.


To be able to receive Dirt Rally for free, readers can follow the instructions of Emergenceingame.Com right here:

Step 1: You need to have a Steam account on your PC and have Steam installed on your computer to be able to download Dirt Rally.

If you have, you can skip this step, if not, you can follow these 2 addresses:​

Step 2: After successful registration, you use your Steam account to log in on your PC. After successfully logging in, you navigate to the Steam Store section on your device. Here you navigate to the Search box, enter the game name as Dirt Rally. When the results appear, you need to click on it to be directed to the game page.

Step 3: When on the game page on Steam, you continue to click on the Add to Account box to officially own this super product. Then you can continue to Click Next to proceed to Download and install on your computer.

You can also open the link below in your browser and follow the steps above. Just note that when Clicking Add to Account, the browser will ask if you want to open the Steam section, you need to press Ok to finish:

GameHub download - Emergenceingame


Note: Dirt Rally will end the event give away games Free at 0:00 tomorrow September 17. So readers, hurry to get the game right now.

For more game giveaway events and information about offline games, readers can:

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