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Childhood cartoon “Sponge Boy” has a meeting date with fans in theaters

Childhood years sitting hugging TV watching channels Disney Chaneleveryone must have been unable to take their eyes off the screen when the series was animated SpongeBob (sponge boy) broadcast. SpongeBob created by artist Stephen Hillenburg since 1999, attracting generations of children around the world, both the animated TV series or the movie version. Since the news SpongeBob will release a new movie in 2019, many fans have been extremely eager to see this movie soon. However, recently, the studio side Paramount Pictures announced to postpone this project until 2020.


Back in 2015, the 3D animated movie The Movie SpongeBob: Sponge Out of Water (SpongeBob: Landing Hero) was a huge success and became the highest grossing film in North America at that time. The work mainly appeals to a young audience and families. At the same time, the film also received positive reviews from the audience and critics when it received an A- on CinemaScore and a 75% rating on Rotten Tomatoes. Following that momentum, Paramount Pictures immediately announced that he would quickly make a sequel to the film to please the fans as soon as possible (August 1, 2019). However, now this project has been postponed, causing the audience to speculate that it may be Paramount want to improve the movie better before it is released to the audience. Thanks to the achievements of the previous two movies, fans have also shown great confidence in this movie and are willing to wait until 2019 to see a part. The Movie SpongeBob most attractive.​


SpongeBob (Sponge Boy) is an animated television series produced by Derek Drymon, created by Stephen Hillenburg and by the studios. Paramount Pictures since May 1, 1999. Almost two decades have passed since then, but the film is still loved by children, teenagers and even adults all over the world. SpongeBob revolves around the story of the main character is a sponge boy and his good friends spend happy days at the bottom of the ocean far away.


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