Cleaning PS4 – how often to do it? Don’t let your PS4 hang because it’s too hot!

Is cleaning PS4 necessary and how often is it required? Let’s find out! The Sony Playstation 4 game machine has a design quite similar to the PC (Desktop) Due to the relatively high machine configuration, the processor and graphics chip operate at high power causing the machine to overheat.

PS4 machine hangs because of overheating

Therefore, if the radiator of the external device is strong, the air circulation slots need to be ventilated. Using PS4 for a while, we are prone to dirt and dust that makes the heatsink ineffective, more dangerous than it leads to overheating of the PS4, leading to damage to the device.

Is it necessary to clean the PS4?

Someone said, “Sony products are copper and stone, the television I bought and used for 8 years has not been hygienic. It still works well. My PS4 also bought for 3 years and then ran the ferry.”So is it really necessary to clean the machine? The answer is yes! Wait, listen to people, but consider factors such as:

  • Television items are different from game consolesGame machine heat dissipation works much more strongly than television sets – relatively high dust absorption
  • The petitioner has not said the environmental factors used: Maybe their PS4 game console can be played in a bedroom, in an air-conditioned, air-conditioned room with little dust.
  • Element “unlucky” of electronics: Someone bought it for 10 years and still ran well, someone told me that my device was out of warranty and I was broken. Talking about this factor on electronic devices is the same “God calls for everyone.” stop it. But if you do not maintain and clean your PS4, and maintain it regularly, it will be no different.
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How to clean the PS4

There are PS4 machines when opening up he technically only has “Oh my God” for an hour …

How often do I need to clean my PS4?

The answer is depending on your usage environment. If your home has an air-conditioned room, the time it takes to turn it on to clean the PS4 is about once every 2 years. Or if your room is open to open windows fan then maybe once a year. However, note that when opening the device to clean, need to review the warranty.

For example, genuine PS4 Slim devices, genuine PS4 Pro from Sony Vietnam, you should not open the device will lose the warranty. In fact, its 12-month warranty, in the first 12 months of purchase and use, you do not need to turn on the PS4 cleaner.

Clean the PS4 console

The PS4 console heatsink often plays a lot of dust

To see how to open the PS4, you can look at iFixit – the completion is relatively easy. After turning on the device using the dust blower to clean the PS4, all the heat sinks and the parts are heavily dusty, preventing cooling. However, if you are not confident enough, you can bring it to the store so that the store staff can do it for you with the service fee is also relatively cheap, the completion time usually only takes 1-2 days.

Another way to determine if it is time to clean your PS4 is when playing games or crashes – Even though the machine is hot, ineffective heat dissipation is just one of the causes of crashes. But this is also a note for you.

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Besides cleaning the PS4, is there any other way?

The best tip for you when using PS4 is to add extra heat sinks to your PS4 like the PS4 SLIM COOLING FAN & HUB or the PS4 PRO COOLING FAN:

? Increase cooling performance for your PS4 with the auxiliary fan that uses the USB port

? No interference inside the machine, no need to disassemble, suitable for PS4 devices within the warranty period

? Limit dust to the inside of the machine because dust will first stick to the external fan first, then the remaining little amount goes into the camera body. This accessory can be easily removed from time to time.

Some other users recommend using a dust filter that costs many times cheaper, but nShop advises you to skip this way because the density of the mesh can filter the dust of course, the air is also difficult to circulate into the machine. Maybe “premature aging” it also makes the machine break down faster.

PS4 cleaning service at nShop

For customers buying PS4 Slim, genuine PS4 Pro is distributed and authorized by Sony Vietnam nShop will be supported with the cleaning service of the game machine at an affordable cost: 350,000 VND / machine and receive after 1-2 business days. Cleaning includes cleaning the radiator fan, radiator slots and the deep inside of the machine to ensure the best ventilation.

After cleaning the PS4 shop, it will also replace the heat sink glue for the best performance (Note that the machine purchased for more than 2 years needs to replace the thermal paste, the new one purchased within 2 years is still good, you do not need to replace the expensive glue).

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If you find it difficult to worry about opening the device, please let us knowShop do it for you

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