Shocked with the infamous plot twists in the history of the game village

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“Plot twist” or simply unexpected details are the expensive “secret” to make a movie, a story or a game interesting and attractive. Here are the “turns of the wheel” plot extreme in the game village.

Resident Evil


Up to now, the Resident Evil Series has released more than 20 different versions, but the first game, released in 1996, is still considered one of the games with the best storyline.

Those who are fans of detective or criminal psychology must have understood the principle too well: Never trust others completely, the enemy may be the person who stands by us day and night. In Resident Evil, too, everyone thought Albert Wesker – known as the captain of STARS (Special Tactics and Rescue Service – Translation: Special Tactics and Rescue Service under the Raccoon City Police Department) ) – be the good guy until the last moments of the game. Albert Wesker is actually a double agent working for the Umbrella Corporation. As it turns out, it’s all just a play, he’s ready to plan to betray his STARS team.

Since his identity was revealed, Albert Wesker continued to play the villain in most of the sequels of the series until Resident Evil 5, where he was eventually killed by Chris Redfield.



In BioShock, players will accompany Jack – the sole survivor of a plane crash in the Atlantic Ocean. After that, Jack was accidentally taken to a city under the sea called Rapture – a paradise created by Andrew Ryan, where people are not limited by the barriers of censorship or moral standards while creating. . People work and enjoy the results worthy of their efforts. However, when he arrived, a completely different scenario took place in front of Jack – Rapture was just a dark and gloomy place, people were murdered by a creature with superpowers called Splicer. A mysterious man named Atlas communicates with Jack via walkie-talkie and instructs him to survive against the Splicer creatures.

Atlas thought he was Jack’s benefactor when he saved him in many dangerous situations. Whenever Atlas asks Jack to do something, he always begins with the phrase “Would you kindly”. At first, the player doesn’t seem to notice, but the polite “Please” sentence acts as a spell for Atlas to make Jack do everything he asks. As it turns out, Jack was brainwashed before the start of the game and was used by Atlas as a tool to achieve his goal of overthrowing Andrew Ryan. In the game, the player as well as Jack must perform all of the tasks that Atlas offers – some of them are quite annoying – without a doubt about it.

Finally, the truth is revealed: Jack is actually the bastard son of Andrew Ryan from 4 years ago. Frank Fontaine – who wants to take Rapture from Ryan – secretly bought Jack’s fetus and made genetic changes to make him grow up fast. When civil war broke out, Jack was scheduled to leave Rapture to the surface with the command “Please” preset to wait for the opportunity. Atlas is actually Fontaine’s replacement after he faked his death. All plans seem random but are arranged by one of his hands and Jack accidentally helps him fulfill all requests while not knowing the truth…

Final Fantasy 7 Remake


Considered one of the most shocking and heartbreaking scenes in gaming history, Aerith’s death really surprised many players. In Final Fantasy 7 Remake, gamers accompanied Aerith for half of the time, thinking that she was one of the indispensable main characters until… A kind, beautiful girl like Aerith had to die under There’s nothing the villains Sephiroth and Cloud can do to stop this. Still knowing her sacrifice is the highlight to help protect the Earth as well as bring a meaningful ending to the entire story, but most players still feel uncomfortable, partly because they put a lot of love into Aerith, partly because I feel uncomfortable because the time invested in the character from the beginning to now suddenly disappears into smoke.

It should be noted that Final Fantasy 7 Remake is not a short game and Aerith’s death is not until the end of the first part. At that time, most players believed that Aerith would survive until the end of the game, so they devoted a lot of effort to upgrading her skills and equipping her with suitable weapons. If Aerith’s death had come in the first place, perhaps gamers would not have been so shocked and reacted so negatively.

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