Raid to see off the old year 2020 is full of excitement with a series of Christmas Missions not to be missed!

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2020 is only half a month to the end, in order to bid farewell to the old year in a grand manner, NPH VTC Online has announced a series of events “Christmas Mission”. This is a series of activities including many different missions starting on December 14 and lasting for the rest of the month of 2020. The shooters participate. Assault During this time will have the opportunity to collect a lot of unique gifts in the game.

So what will specific gift-receiving events include? Let’s find out a little bit!

Christmas Mission 1: Sign in to get a gift!


This is the most basic and easiest activity for all ADCs who log into Raid during the year-end period. Every day when you log in to the game, you will receive a random gift in the published gift list. Thus, every day of logging in Raid will be like opening a gift from Santa Claus. You won’t know what’s waiting for you inside that gift until you open it.

Christmas Mission 2: Race TOP Christmas


The end of the year is a time associated with shopping and promotions. That’s why VTC Online has also favored gunners who like to shop for a private event. This is a promotion for gunners who quit GoCoin to buy in-game equipment, with each milestone spending will have a corresponding gift. The number of GoCoins is also cumulative, so if you miss “make 1 shot” jump all 3 levels, you will still receive all the gifts in the previous levels.


In addition, after summarizing, the Top 3 strongest spenders of this event will receive a special hot set of Eternal Weapons including:​

  • M4A1-S_Rifle_Knife Forever​​

  • M4A1-S Born Beast Noble Gold Forever​

  • M82A1- Gold Phoenix Forever

  • AK-47 Gold Dragon Red Forever

Christmas Mission 3: Complete the mission, get great gifts


To make your entertainment more attractive, NPH VTC Online has added fire to players with a series of new side quests at the end of this year. This is a series of special requests but extremely simple and easy to do. Players just need to enter the game, participate in the matches as usual, pay attention to do a little extra work as required to be able to complete and receive the corresponding attractive gifts.


These small tasks will help the daily game have more goals to complete besides winning the opponent. It will spice up the year-end battles to make your entertainment in the game Raid extremely interesting.

Christmas Mission 4: Switch accounts, get Eternal Weapons

Reuniting with an old teammate who was born and died is what any gunner wants. Taking the meaning from the reunion at the end of the year, NPH VTC Online continues to have an event to encourage old players who have not been able to convert their Raid accounts from July 5 to now have the opportunity to find their teammates.


Specifically, during the event, gunners whose accounts have not been converted since July 5, can continue to convert. After completing and logging in to Raid, players will receive a huge gift package from NPH. It is a set of Animal group gun skins according to each milestone the player achieves such as logging in to the game after switching, playing for a total of 30 minutes and playing a total of the first 1 hour.

Say goodbye to the old year, welcome the new year with excitement with Raid

After an exciting eSports tournament at the end of 2020, NPH VTC Online has continued to take care of the player community through a series of Christmas events filled with gifts. It can be said that this is a very enthusiastic move of the new publisher to take over the game this year and promises to bring Raid community return to its peak in the near future.

2021 will be an exciting year for Strikers. After the eSports tournament, the Dai Chien Streamer event, the series of ingame events, will NPH VTC Online have any more surprises next year? Shooters, let’s wait and see!

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