League of Legends: The brotherhood of the teams at Worlds 2020 “cracked” because of Among Us

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Before Worlds 2020 take place, a special training program for each professional team is extremely important as it helps team members be able to connect well with each other, while increasing the individual skills of each team member. player. That’s why these gamer attend Tournaments This guy had to work hard to climb the rank at the super server in China as well as constantly scrambling.

Of course, when you practice too much, it is also necessary to take time to rest and de-stress. The choice of entertainment for many teams is Among Usa title super hot game in recent times. It is not known if Among Us will reduce tensions, but it seems that the internal situation of many teams is becoming “broken”.


With very simple gameplay, you will become a member of a crew, inside there will be 1-3 Impostor, the task of the other players is to find the impostors and “kick” them off the ship. The impostors, if they want to win, must destroy the entire crew in the most secret way.

However, because of the game’s nature of mutual suspicion, Among Us has the ability to divide strong brotherhood. When being deceived too much, no matter how close the brothers are, they will become suspicious and lead to a broken ending.


Worlds 2020 is very close, the teams participating in Shanghai are all the best representatives of the regions, so just a little mistake and you will have to pay the price and be eliminated. Hopefully the players don’t have a real emotional rift because of playing Among Us, affecting the upcoming important competition.​

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