“Repairing the house for Tet”, what does Perfect World VNG gamer do?

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The Gia Vien system is a feature that is popular with the gaming community Perfect World VNG favorite, because it allows players to build their own “dream house”. In the latest version – Continent of Ice, Gia Vien also has many changes: new architecture, new location and new way to play. Let’s see gamers Perfect World How does VNG repair the house to celebrate Tet?

Decorated Danh Vien to welcome guests

From the version of Ice and Ice Continent, Perfect World VNG players who own all unlocked Gia Vien can open more Danh Vien. Currently, players will be able to use Danh Vien – Hoa Huong Bird. This is considered the “new outfit” of Gia Vien. The whole scene, images and colors in Danh Vien will be changed, much more beautiful and splendid than the original. You can search for ingredients in Danh Vien or buy Danh Vien directly.​

A poetic scene with falling petals, glowing pink all over Gia Vien street.

The Danh Vien feature received a lot of positive reviews and the response from the gaming community. “With the pink color of peach blossoms covering Gia Vien, Dieu Ngu Hoa Huong seems to be telling me that Spring is coming. A very beautiful and close scene, making Gia Vien more lively and natural than usual“, female gamer Nhat Le shared.


Open Year-end Wine Party

When the year ends, the year-end party comes, don’t forget to open a Wine Party and say goodbye to a past year. The Wine Party can be held daily, at Gia Vien Tribal Square, and needs to be “reserved” by 18:00.


There will be 2 tasks for players to join this party. Part 1 is to find the ingredients required by the party, part 2 is to join the party. The amount of wine you choose to drink will affect the final number of chests received: correctly guessing the number of wine glasses given by the system will increase the number of chest openings. Along with that, if you are lucky, you will have more opportunities to receive Gia Vien Special Seeds, exp props equipped with digital gas, Soul Stone Lv1…


This is the most popular Tribe – Gia Vien activity of the gaming community in recent days. Not only that, but every night, the world channel becomes noisy with the alcohol party. Every Tribe wants to organize this activity, partly for the sake of it, and partly because it wants to gather brothers. See, when you see any Tribe having a wine party, it is as if the place is as bustling and bustling as a festival. People running back and forth looking for ingredients are all messed up, the community channel is also full of voices, can’t listen to it forever.


Shop new items for Floating Island

Floating Island is a relatively new position in the Gia Vien system, but is loved by many gamers. From the version of Continent Ice, you can decorate certain interiors for this area, in order to increase the aesthetics, scenery, images,… Now, let’s show off your “architect” talent. on Floating Island in the new version, to look impressive!

It is known that to support players in the process of making furniture, in the new version, Perfect World VNG will open the bulk crafting feature. Players can actively choose to make 1 or more furniture at the same time, to save time.​

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